Purple to Red Iso Converter

DuckyDucky GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 2,255 Community Moderator
So after toying with the new Supports feature and having leveled one of my supports to level 64 out of 200 (Rank 4 Hydra Henchmen), I've realized that Supports take a lot of red iso to level at higher levels. For instance, to get to rank 65, I would need 1169 red iso. 

This is where my suggestion comes in - an iso converter.

I propose, in the future, that we be able to convert any purple iso we have into red iso. I think a good conversion rate would be 10 purple iso per 1 red iso. It allows red iso to still be limited while giving people with excessive iso stashes (like my 3 million+ stash currently) an avenue to spend their resources that would otherwise sit unused.

10:1 doesn't have to be the ratio enacted if this idea were to be used, but hopefully something reasonable along those lines would be what would happen. If, for instance, the ration were something like 100:1, then it would feel more like an insult than an avenue in which to help players use the resources they've earned in meaningful ways, emphasis on meaningful.


  • MichaelclesMichaelcles Age Unconfirmed Posts: 100 Tile Toppler
    Nah, conversion from $$$ to in game funny money is the ploy.
  • ColognoisseurColognoisseur Posts: 768 Critical Contributor
    I would like to suggest a different type of converter. A support token store where we can buy tokens with purple iso-8.
  • ColognoisseurColognoisseur Posts: 768 Critical Contributor
    Also how about adding a red iso progression reward to lightning rounds between 100 and 250?
  • DuckyDucky GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 2,255 Community Moderator
    edited April 2018
    @Colognoisseur I think adding red iso to LRs would be a great way to add an addition flow of the resource. It would actually get me to play them again since I haven't in months.

    Edit - And if they added a purple to red converter, I'd play so I could get more purple to convert to red, haha.
  • FeloniusFelonius Posts: 289 Mover and Shaker
    While I wouldn't vote against a purple-to-red ISO converter (and if you're gonna do that, why not convert the other way, too?), I don't have enough purple ISO for my needs, so I wouldn't be putting it into RISO anyway.  LOL
  • hunky_funkyhunky_funky Posts: 111 Tile Toppler
    Yeah, I think we need converter in general. Iso to riso, hp to iso and riso and backwards, iso and hp to cp etc. This will be very nice improvement to game economy. Ah... those dreams...
  • odjntrade2odjntrade2 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 15 Just Dropped In
    I'm sure they will eventually add in better ways to farm riso. Would love to see an event run through periodically that functioned as a converter.

    I envision aamad scientist contraption that takes up a character slot. Players pay iso 8 to be converted and then face a torrent of ever increasing foes that flood out of a portal caused by the conversion process. You get two characters and a machine with passives, I figure a consume protect to restore it's health each turn to cut down on turtle for the win strategy. I see it as a play til you drop mechanic with improving conversion rating for each wave. 

    Would get players playing, the until you drop encourages health packs and roster rotation, and players get to farm for that riso. Could even throw in some rewards for reaching wave x.
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