Hunting Grocket teams with a 3* roster

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Pretty much what the title says. At some point when working my way up in SLC6 PvP I start running into Gr4cket teams. This results in a lot of skipping, because the up-front damage from strike tiles just chews through health packs. I'd still avoid champed teams with good synergy, but I'd like to have a lineup that can handle random grocket+anyone teams.

I have 1 useful 4* (Peggy 3/2/4), and America/Gamora with a similar cover count, but not really useful. But I could prioritize champing a couple of specific 3*s, such as green hulk

My thought would be to run KK (5/3/5), Hulk plus the essential. The other option would be Hulk and 3* Gamora, stun for days....but the randomness of the stun is inconvenient. A lot would depend on the essential I guess. Hulk needs to tank his colors

Any other ideas for 3* characters?


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    All of Grocket's natural counters are at the 4-star level. There are 3-stars who can counter strikes through theft (Electra, Loki, She-Hulk) but they all require AP to get going, so you're still going to eat some damage in the early turns.

    You can Hulkbomb 'em with 3-star Hulk and partner him with a green nuker to benefit from all the green Hulk'll generate, but as you say he needs to tank as many of his colors as possible. 3-star Rocket & Groot are a possible partner here because they'll stay out of Hulk's way, they have green board destruction, and they true heal on their yellow passive (saving you healthpacks to spend on Hulk). Patch is another option with true heal, though he'll tank red over Hulk unless Hulk is higher level and might possibly still need to be in the center position if it's a tie. Kamala is another option, but she burst heals and that may not help you in the healthpack department.

    Unfortunately, the sky is not the limit in PvP. Once you get enough points you're elevating yourself past your MMR into the next 'bracket' where all the 4-star players are, and the 4-star meta right now is Grocket + guardian (+medusa). Set realistic goals in PvP and don't throw yourself against that 4-star wall. When I was in 3-star land my goal was the CP prize at 575 and then I was done.
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    Well, patch is currently the essential in Claws, so a regeneration team could work to slow down health pack use. But I won't have the ISO to champ GHulk before that ends. I have KK, Patch and RG3 all ready to go.

    As far as "Is it worth it?", I'm getting to 575 already every PvP event. Occasionally 650, rarely 725 and once recently for a Gambit cover to 800. I'm still in SLC6, so there are several covers available for high placement. Even a 4* for #1, but that means getting 800+ and shielding. There's even enough HP in placement to make one 3/8 hour shielding worthwhile.

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    Dormammu said:
    ... When I was in 3-star land my goal was the CP prize at 575 and then I was done.
    I'm solidly in 4-star land and that still is my main goal. I frequently get to 650 and occasionally will (rarely!) chase 900 for the right cover. But after 575 it's just gravy. I have neither the time nor the tolerance for annoyance it would take to conistently get to 800+.
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