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End turn button

LarsLars Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
Here's an idea: a button to force the end of your turn. I see it as having two relevant uses:

1) Even after all this time the game still hangs at certain points, but in such a way that the user interface is still active; forcing the end of the turn would provide a way out of this deadlock.
2) It's not too hard in Legacy to make a combo deck which loops almost indefinitely. Being able to force the end of your turn would be quite useful here (now I think about it... forcing the end of your turn therefore means skipping to your attack phase).


  • SzamszielSzamsziel Posts: 463 Mover and Shaker
    edited March 2018
    As so it can be abused to save you in some scenarios - against harsh mentor if you are looping. I'd rather suggest anti looping combo like limited number of times the action can be executed. 
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