Some sort of practice event.

DBJonesDBJones Posts: 803 Critical Contributor
I feel this game would benefit greatly from some sort of practice/testing event. It wouldn't need to have any rewards, but a 100/50 win/loss rune reward would be nice. The important part is, your Planeswalker's health would be temporarily set to full for the battle, then go back afterwards. This would be especially useful for new players who only have one or two Planeswalkers and don't want to risk losing to test out new deck configurations. The main intended uses would be to test new decks and practice the mechanics and strategy. I think giving 100/50 runes would also make it feel like it wasn't wasted time for new players, and they could get the same thing by playing the first battle in story mode over and over again.

What do you think, @Brigby and others?


  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,561 Chairperson of the Boards
    In a similar vein... I think if you are playing a "boss" event with limited charges, that after you lose to a boss you should get 1 or 2 "practise" games that do NOT count for points, but let you tweak your deck and try again.
    This would be invaluable to newbies especially.
  • DBJonesDBJones Posts: 803 Critical Contributor
    That's a great idea too! Early on, losing is real nasty, especially when you don't have many Planeswalkers. Anything that gives new players a better chance of figuring out what they're doing is worth considering. Also, some sort of note that those full heal potions come back (pretty fast too) would have been nice. For the first few weeks I assumed they were a finite resource that would cost crystals to restock, because they would be in a lot of f2p games.
  • FoznertepFoznertep Posts: 104 Tile Toppler
    What the game would need, in short, is an actual Training Grounds event instead of that ridiculous travesty which is bearing that name at the moment. It is not, as the tag line claims, ideal to test out decks in any way, shape or form. People just use it to farm some crystals every day so it is populated mostly by quick-win decks (and way too many Nicol Bolas') and everybody who in fact tries out decks gets slammed. 
  • ClaimhClaimh Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Training grounds needs an option for us to select only standard decks to face against. It's just not efficient to face against pigs, emrakuls, olivias each time I'm trying to test standard decks. 
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