Glorifier of Dusk - Vigilance

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Glorifier of Dusk has an ability which gives Vigilance until end of turn. Shouldn't that be until your next turn? Giving Vigilance until end of turn doesn't do anything, since Vigilance is only relevant when your opponent attacks.


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    A design flaw isn't a bug. 
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    Sorry, can you move this to Suggestions then please?
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    *Moved to Suggestions & Feedback per OP's request
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    Wow, I signed up for the forum just to start a thread about this very topic. Well done, OP.

    This is definitely a design oversight. In paper Magic, giving vigilance until the end of the turn works just fine, because it prevents the creature from tapping when they attack, leaving the creature untapped to block the opponent's counterattack on the following turn. But in Puzzle Quest, a creature can only block if their temporary Vigilance (or Defender, or Reach) ability persists at least through the opponent's turn.

    If there's a lesson for the dev team here, it's that you cannot translate card abilities verbatim from their cardstock counterparts and expect them to always work as intended.
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    I saw this. I thought why do i have to go to the forum to report this kind of issue. But glad someone did it eventually
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