5* ghost rider (robbie reyes) not boosted for divine champions - intentional?

y4747y4747 Tile TopplerPosts: 119 Tile Toppler
noticed just now, even though 4* gr is boosted... wondering if they just forgot to update the boosted list for the event with him.


  • Piro_plockPiro_plock Mover and Shaker Posts: 287 Mover and Shaker
    Maybe it's because Blaze and Reyes got their powers from different sources: Johnny from Mephisto (basically the devil, so there's your "divine" connection) and Robbie got possessed by a totally different spirit.
  • Cactus_Jack_87Cactus_Jack_87 Tile Toppler Posts: 193 Tile Toppler
    I'd like to think that Piro is right, and that Robbie was excluded because of some well-thought out reasons relating to his backstory and character origins. But, in all likelihood, it's because they forgot about him as quickly as we all have :D

    The same thing happened with Black Mirror after the new guardians were released. Hopefully Robbie will make the cut next time.
  • ammenellammenell Critical Contributor Posts: 680 Critical Contributor
    way too much logic - they just forgot.
    logic is out the window the moment you realize we've got a drunk detective who is on par with silver surfer. 
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