Today's 5* Gambit node

This could not have worked any better for me.  Since I only have his Stacked Deck power, it was constantly feeding Teen Jean's Mind Over Matter power.  Every few turns I was able to fire that off, clear the board of any CD tiles (and apparently any caltrops), allowing me to get through 4 clears without ever taking any damage.  A perfect partnership for a node like that.


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    Yep.  My Gambit is a 0/1/1.  Combine the two of them with 4-star Star Lord to make it so you can cast Mind over Matter every 4 turns, and it's a piece of cake.  Has anyone in the forums mentioned that Gambit *might* need to be nerfed a bit?  :)
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    I've seen it said.  he can definitely be a nightmare to go up against

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    Hi Everyone. Since this topic no longer pertains to "Today's 5* Gambit Node," and potentially has confusing content due to the ability changes, I have separated the newer comments into a new thread.
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