4* Cyclops Red damage inconsistent [Solved]

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During the Apocalypse Boss event I started out using 4* Wolvie/4* Jean/SWitch with quite the succes rate during rounds 1 through 5, but as my alliance was reaching it's ceiling during round 6 I started using other teams when characters would otherwise require a health pack to continue fighting.

One of the alternative teams I used was 4* Wolvie/4* Cyc/Spider-Woman, but to my dismay I've now had 2 instances of having 10 red AP and at least 10 TU AP but the damage advertised by the description of Cyclops' red was NOT done. Where it should have been 24k+ damage, enough to down Apocalypse in one shot, it did somewhere around 18k damage and left Apocalypse with about 2.8k of health, and quite happily restoring to full health the next turn. The second time it happened I was prepared for it, so I could fire Cyc's blue ability to finish the fight, but I can't say I'm too happy about this happening. I have used his red a few times where it worked as intended, but as I said 2 times now it has not worked properly.

I have not been able to reliably reproduce this inconsistancy appearing, but something is definitely wrong in my opinion. Having to stock up on AP before trying to finish the Apocalypse fight because you're not sure how much damage an ability will do is not the way to play a boss fight, especially when just short of 'enough damage' comes down to doing no damage at all one turn later. This could end up costing health packs or even losing a fight unnecessarily.

Anyone else had this happen?


  • StevO-JStevO-J Posts: 727 Critical Contributor
    Allrighty then...  :(

    I feel kinde stupid now... That's the tile that disappears after X damage done, right? That would explain why I couldn't find it's exact description after Cyc's red ability. Thanks!
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