Mastering Cards and PW experience.

KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,581 Chairperson of the Boards
It's been suggested by "people", they have names (probably) but I can't remember them that when you master a card you get 10 Runes per "mastery point" that you currently get.

I'd really like this but I have an addition to make things more interesting...

Give 10 Experience per "mastery point" to the PW you were using at the time too.

This will help newbies _heaps_ and for _some_ oldtimers it makes things interesting.
Like if you are trying to keep Samut at level 56 you have to make sure you don't master anything with her.

If you have someone you want to level up then you can just play heaps with them and any unmastered cards you have.

It gives an extra reason to try out weird stuff.


  • DrewsterDrewster Age Unconfirmed Posts: 116 Tile Toppler
    I like this idea. We do need another way to get runes other than paying and grinding and cashing in duplicates imo.
  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,581 Chairperson of the Boards
    I've just started an alt and some of the things at the very beginning are _very_ very painful, little tweaks like this to keep people "progressing" will help keep people from just leaving.

    One thing, in the Intro it does not let you reorder cards and doesn't let you know that later you will be able to. That is _very_ bad for converting paper magic players, because it makes the game look too passive. They NEED to know the future options they are going to get like reordering cards and discarding when they don't want something. These things need to be in the Tutorial too.

    (I'm trying to convince some friends who play paper magic and it's _hard_ because once they get into the game they will like it a lot, but the beginning has some _very_ misleading restrictions that hurt the experience.)
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