Mystique node issue? [Solved]

MMCskippyMMCskippy Age Unconfirmed Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
This has happened on two separate occasions with two different teams because this node sucks rocks. 

First team: Mystique, Mordo and 3Witch. 

I took down gambit first and then I stopped gaining any AP, most notably purple. There were at least 2 blue fires from Wanda that resulted in purple matches with no change in AP. 

Second team: Mystique, 2Mags and 3Strange

Again, I take down Gambit and Jean because I had enough AP to fire a special to down Jean. Then I started trying to gain blue AP to stun Rogue for the win and even used the Iceman team up boost to goose the blue. Made about 10 blue matches and my blue AP didn't change and Rogue ended me. 

Anyone seeing this?

if this node wasn't so tough, I'd never have noticed. But it seems like every clear has come down to wire because 5* Gambit on this node SUCKS!!!!

I play in SL6. 

[Moderator note: player was affected by Rogue's passive "Power Siphon" ability.  Marked as solved. -Dayv]


  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,812 Chairperson of the Boards
    This is the one with Rogue, right? Sounds like she hit you with her green.
  • DarthDeVoDarthDeVo Posts: 2,156 Chairperson of the Boards
    This is the one with Rogue, right? Sounds like she hit you with her green.
     Yeah, if Rogue fired her green power while Mystique or Switch was in front, you will not gain AP in purple or deal damage when matching that color, since purple is their strongest color. 

    Same story for 2* Magneto and Strang3, except blue is their strongest color. 

    So @TPF Alexis is probably right, Rogue fired her green while one of those four characters was in front, which would explain why you weren't generating AP in those colors while Power Siphon was active. 

    As annoying as Gambit is, it's why I targeted Rogue first. Her yellow eats up a lot of match damage too, so it really helps if you can stun her and get her out of the way so you can focus on other characters. 
  • DayvDayv Posts: 4,449 Chairperson of the Boards
    As always, if you're not sure what's happening in a node, especially against a new character, a boss, or simply a set of opponents you haven't fought often, you should click on them and read their abilities.
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