Tacticians X Alliance Recruitment

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Hi all,

I'v recently made a new alliance called: "Tacticians X",
with currently 5/5 members.

We want to keep supporting MPQ-DR in the future.
This means we will try to expend the alliance/clan in the future when more options become available through the next couple patches being released
& take place in special events to help boost eachother.


*Your main roster should be around lv 65-80 (2* covers)
*Preferred some 3* covers (Lv40-50 range minimum)
*Preferred to have around 20+ Character slots
*Play daily
*Add eachother on Facebook for rewards (Keep a small list for faster rewards)

For more Information/Questions & Invitations. (Discuss roster etc)
Leave a reply here or contact me on FB.

Kind regards,

IGN: Scenecorex
FB: Kenny Verstappen


  • Unknown
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    I am interested and I believe that I meet all requirements:

    - Yes, I'm playing daily (almost every day )
    - Yes, I can add you on Facebook for rewards (and I hope, you add me)
    - Yes, I've got the covers that you're asking for.

    In fact I've already joined your alliance, so you can see my roster.

    (European Player)
  • here is my FB link btw:


    There are alot of search results on fb when I typed your name .. so this would make it more easy xD
    Yeah I checked your set up, looking good cover/roster number wise!

    So welcome!

    I hope they give us more options within alliance soon, oh well we need to start somewhere (:
  • Hi,

    I've just added you to an special group in my facebook account,
    so I'll send you the rewards that I win from the game as soon as possible.

    What about the others accounts of facebook of the Tacticians X Alliance?
    I hope I can add them also.

    Just one question: What's the difference between to be commander or not?