Who do you think is going to be rebalanced this season?

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Who do you think is going to be rebalanced this season?

im thinking maybe
5* hulk (buff)
5* thanos (nerf)
medusa (nerf)
Venom (buff)
agent venom (buff)
3* spiderman (buff)
psylocke (buff)


  • CalnexinCalnexin Posts: 1,078 Chairperson of the Boards
    I doubt they'll be touching 4*s this season.  From what I've played of them they all appear to be working as intended.  There's definite power creep that makes the new characters generally better than the old ones, and vaulting ensures that a lot of people have them not only covered but champed higher than the oldies, which ensures use.  If it's anyone, I'd think Venom (Brock).

    I don't know much about 5*, but from what I hear on the boards and the little experience I have, 5* Hulk needs a buff.  Marvel's biggest terrestrial threat is currently a laughing stock.

    3* - Psylocke and Spiderman.  I personally think Ragnarok deserves a better look.  I cringe every time he cycles through a lightning round because he just doesn't do much.  You can kind of build a strategy around the other 3* villains but Rags' biggest boom does less than half the competition and has a drawback.  He may as well not even be there, and I'd use the loaner if it didn't make for an easy Thanos kill.
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    Rags is still pretty fast with his red and blue, and I've often paired him with Kamala for a double-healing strategy which also fuels her green.
  • NepentheNepenthe Age Unconfirmed Posts: 283 Mover and Shaker
    My guess is nobody.  Not that nobody needs it. The devs seem busy with other issues, and the characters who the forum thinks need buffing have been that way for ages anyway.
  • Arix90Arix90 Posts: 244 Tile Toppler
    Nepenthe said:
    My guess is nobody.  Not that nobody needs it. The devs seem busy with other issues, and the characters who the forum thinks need buffing have been that way for ages anyway.
    I think since last season was skipped there will be balance changes this tim
  • cubnadcubnad Age Unconfirmed Posts: 138 Tile Toppler
    I'm hoping with Homecoming coming out soon that they'll give some love to 3* Spiderman and maybe Venom (Eddie brock). 
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    Eddie brock seems like the obvious choice in 4* land.

    Spidey, rags, and psylocke are also easy buff candidates in 3* land.

    Star lord and doc oc are the new 5* wimps, but they probably won't be changed while in the LT pool.  So banner is the candidate here.

    For nerfs, i don't know if they want to nerf any 5*s right now, but BB or thanos are the most likely candidates.
  • DaichesDaiches Posts: 1,252 Chairperson of the Boards
    Venom (Brock) and Spid3y most likely. Just like they did Drax during GotG2 release season, they'll do the worst Spiderverse character during Homecoming release season.
  • ZeiramMRZeiramMR Posts: 1,313 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thematically, I think it will be character(s) from the Spider-Man titles. 3* Spider-Man, 4* Venom, even 3* Doc Ock could use a slight boost. But I've been wrong about 3* Spider-Man several times before, so we'll see.
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,731 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'd be shocked if they didn't do a spider-man related character with Homecoming coming out.
    Spider-man 3*
    Venom Eddie Brock are the most likely IMO.
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    I'll add my two cents by saying they don't need to nerf Thano5, C4rol, or Medusa. Agent Venom and Quake do not need buffs. I think all 5 work appropriately. 

    I agree the other 5 you listed need a buff and, while I think it won't happen, Eddie and Spiderman3 are the most likely candidates. 
  • JHawkIncJHawkInc Posts: 2,231 Chairperson of the Boards
    They've already buffed Miles, Gwen, and Carnage over the months.

    Fitting in with "Summer of Spidey" (and a short time before the movie), great time to do Eddie and Classic Spidey.

    Though with Homecoming coming up, and Vulture/Spidey being the two most likely candidates for releases, and a 4* and a 5* next up in the pattern, I'm worried we'll get a 4* Vulture, and a 5* Spidey, and that the 3* Spidey buff would be a crummy way to appease people who can't jump into 5* territory for the new character. (it makes sense to do a 5* Spidey for the money, since Spidey is one of the single most profitable comic book characters of all time, but for the GAME, a 4* Spidey that works well with Miles/Gwen is what makes sense, which would leave Vulture as a possible third 5* Spidey villain, and I fear they'll choose Money over Game quality...)
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    The bombastic bagman
  • STOPTHISSTOPTHIS Posts: 779 Critical Contributor
    Even though there's a number of 3* I think need a good boost, I'd like to see some Spidey-line wide buffs.
    1. 5* Spidey is relatively weak on the 5* level.
    2. 4* Agent Venom, Eddie Venom, and now Sandman are all really underwhelming or require more effort compared to counterparts on their tier.
    3. A lower priority, but I still think 3* Doc Ock's could use a tweak. His green does a lot of thinks, but none great and his blue is too expensive for something that you have to hope will move special tiles.
    4. But the king of the Spidey revamp , the character that needs it the most, is 3* Spidey. He shouldn't be outclassed by the 1* Spidey.
    Of course, I don't expect any of these to happen. That's just not where the priorities are.
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    I'm with the majority - I don't think any character particularly needs nerfing, and the blowback from the last one was so bad I hope they won't nerf anyone any time soon.  Honestly, I don't think we've had a needed nerf since X-Force Wolverine.  The OML nerf was more or less unnecessary, though I suppose they could have nerfed his "less than max covered" usefulness since they clearly changed their philosophy there.

    I'm with pretty much everyone else on buffs.  They should also make some tweaks to the older 3*s like the Hulk - his red is particularly useless and his green is underwhelming.  But I don't expect a lot of action in the 3* tier.

  • LewsTherin0LewsTherin0 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 44 Just Dropped In
    Fury is going to be next, mark it down.

    Disclaimer - purely based off 2 recent Fury covers I got. 
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