Angel (Warren Worthington III), 2 Star

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This is my first crack at a character speculation post. Thought I would start with an original X-Man. I feel like, on a scale of 10, Angel would be about a 3 when it comes to HP, so pretty squishy. 

Yellow-Avian Agility (PASSIVE): Angel is simply too fast for the enemy to get a straight shot in. Black matches deal 50% less damage to him. 
Level 2: 50% reduced damage from Green matches as well. 
Level 3: Black matches deal 75% less damage. 
Level 4: 75% reduced damage from Green and Blue matches as well. 
Level 5: Black matches deal no damage to Angel. 

Purple-Stand Back (8): Warren retreats into his curled wings and waits to catch the enemy by surprise. Stuns Angel for 3 turns after which he extends to full wingspan and deals 90 Damage to the target and stuns a random enemy for 1 turn. 
Level 2: Stuns random enemy for 2 turns. 
Level 3: Deals 120 damage. 
Level 4: Stuns Angel for 2 turns. 
Level 5: Stuns two random enemies for 2 turns. 

Red-Up, Up, & Away (9): Angel takes the fight to the air, much to the disadvantage of his foe. Angel grabs the target and goes Airborne for 3 turns with them. He drops them to deal 115 damage to them. 
Level 2: Deals 132 damage. 
Level 3: Goes Airborne for 2 turns. 
Level 4: Deals 157 damage. 
Level 5: Goes Airborne for 1 turn. 


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    It's time. The only original X-Men we still don't have
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