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Fix PvP Node Matchmaking

DrawxneDrawxne Age Unconfirmed Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
Would it really be difficult to only match your deck against ones registered to that same node? It's extremely frustrating to lose points and drop an entire prize bracket because you get matched against an Ob Nixilis packed with Masterpiece removals on a red/green werewolf node.


  • hawkyh1hawkyh1 Posts: 780 Critical Contributor
    the ai cast scour from existence against me twice on
    my werewolf node. I finished the battle with token
    creatures, getting full ribbons. in  this particular case
    the mismatch is only part of the problem.

  • Grenade110Grenade110 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 53 Match Maker
    The real issue is being matched against way higher level walkers. A level 16 should never be matched against a level 60.
  • GilescloneGilesclone Posts: 735 Critical Contributor
    They've said they're working on that.  Hopefully soon, but I'm not holding my breath. 
  • Corn_NoodlesCorn_Noodles Posts: 477 Mover and Shaker
    You should get matched to people with a similar score as yourself (perhaps within 10 points). We might see a lot less ties at the top if this was implemented.
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