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*** Darkwing Duck ***

TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,540 Chairperson of the Boards
edited July 2017 in Speculation and Concepts
I've been rewatching the old cartoon lately. Real blast from the past, been having a lot of fun. Anyhow, I figure since Disney owns Marvel, it's not impossible, right? Besides, Howard could use some non-hairless ape company ;)

I'm not putting specific numbers on these, because frankly, I don't really pay enough attention to have a great idea of where they should be, but as general thing here, I feel like people should be at least somewhat scared of his red and blue, but the purple is more niche. In the extraordinarily unlikely event that he does actually get made, the details can be worked out then.

7 Purple: I Am the Terror that Flaps in the Night
Darkwing vanishes into the shadows, reappearing in a puff of smoke to strike his foes from an unexpected angle.
Darkwing becomes Invisible for one Turn. Whenever he returns from being Airborne or Invisible, he deals [moderate] damage, ignoring Protect Tiles
Damage increases appropriately with more Covers

9 Blue: Suck Gas, Evildoers!
Darkwing pulls out his gas gun to temporarily disorient and disable his foes.
1) Stuns the target for one Turn
2) Stuns the target for two Turns, and creates a friendly Protect Tile with strength [low]
3) Stuns the target for two Turns, and one other random enemy for 1 Turn. Protect Tile is now [slightly stronger]
4) Stuns the target for three Turns, and one other random enemy for 1 Turn.
5) Stuns the target for three Turns, and the rest of their team for 1 Turn. Creates 2 Protect Tiles

10 Red: Let’s. Get. Dangerous!
Darkwing goes all out, thrashing his foes, but leaving his team open to counterattacks.
Deals [high] damage to the target, and [moderate] damage to the enemy team, and creates an enemy Strike Tile of strength [moderate]
Damage increases with more Covers, but so does the strength of the enemy Strike Tile. At 4 Covers, creates 2 Strike Tiles


  • EzriusEzrius Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    This just made me happy.  That is all.
  • charmbotscharmbots Posts: 87 Match Maker
    This is absolutely wonderful. 
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,540 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yeah, I know. Mentioning that it was technically a possibility was basically just a CMA to keep it from getting deleted or something. The real reason I did it was because it was fun to come up with the abilities, and at least a couple of other people enjoyed it. Totally worthwhile return on my investment of time and energy.
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