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Hello people! I'm playing MTGPQ for like 45 days, and I believe I could use some help. Couldn't find a friendly guide, so I'm going to ask some questions.

First, let me tell ya I'm using the Portuguese version (I'm from Brazil), so some names maybe be not accurate. Is there a way to change language in configurations? I didn't find it.

Second, I will tell ya what I have: 273 common cards, 78 uncommon, 19 rare cards, and nothing above that. I have the initial PWs for each color, and my color domination is gold for green, silver (around 120/150) for the rest. Nissa is lv 29, others are 10-11. Do your PWs levels or color domination have influnce on the cards you get? Just asking, because 6 out of my 19 are green (3 colorless, 3 black, 3 blue, 3 white, 1 red).

I usually use Nissa (having some hitters and some defenders, trying to use his health to beat the opponent first while still taking some damage - like a rush deck), Liliana (using cheap creatures while destroying enemy creatures by spells) or Gideon (controlling enemy creatures by vigilance + first strike). Chandra and Jace have no specific strategy.

I have read that having your PWs at higher levels will bring harder opponents during events. Is it true? I'm currently accumulating runes, almost 110k of them. Is there a level I should have a PW, and then it becomes better to improve weaker ones? 

Free basic boosters are doing almost nothing to me already. Usually 3 commons I have, maybe even an uncommon I have. What's the chance of getting a rare / mythic from these? (I'm gathering dups for booster creating that is coming.)

Normal boosters seem much better, at least for uncommon. Still 0 mythic. Do they come in these boosters? Whats the higher chance of getting rare and mythic cards? Getting cards is a top priority to me at this point. Soooo... events?

I also have like 1100 crystals and 5 jewels (managed to get 1-5 in a event). Crystals... I imagine it's better to spend them on PWs than boosters. Is it right? Which ones are the best? I have heard about Sorin. The UG Nissa is also frequent, and is being used in a current event, but I'm not convinced if I should get it. Others? Are the mono PWs (the ones that cost around 300 crystals worthy it?

Anyway to get MPs cards that are not the jewels booster of 1 card (with a still poor 3/8 chance)?

In the story, I did this (before turning most of my attention to events): 
Origins: Chaps 1 and 2 100% complete, chap 3 around 50%.
Training: all 100%
Battle for Zendikar: Basics 100%, haven't really played the rest.
Heroic battles: haven't played.
Is there something here that is worthy more than events?

Coalitions, is it worthy entering a coalition? Have seen just a few events... Do they provide something to improve my chance of getting better cards or something? If just for events, is it the same creating my very own coalition?

Thanks for the help, guys.
(See ya in the events, in game name is Ignatius)


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    Wow.  A lot of good questions!  I'll try to help.

    The cards you get from boosters are random and unrelated to whatever PWs or cards you already have.  Basic boosters give about 80% commons and 20% uncommons so you should continue to collect new cards from them for a while yet.  Most of your commons will be duplicates, but most of the uncommons should be new.

    At some point you will want to start acquiring two color PWs.  The extra color makes them more flexible and more powerful.  I would recommend Kiora, then probably Nahiri or Saheeli Rai.  It kind of depends on what cards you have when you get them.

    You don't have enough runes to level all of your PWs.  But I much prefer playing them leveled.  When I first started playing I thought Lilliana was the worst PW, so bad I went and got Sorin for my black PW.  And at low level she is pretty lousy, but her level 60 abilities are very powerful and I use her often now (Sorin was a good idea tho, if you have the card he rocks).

    I recommend playing Training Grounds every day, I think you should continue to get runes and crystals from Story mode until you have PWs with at least level 2 abilities in each color.  You can try out the Player vs Event events when they come up.  You will probably find the higher nodes very difficult but they are good practice and you can get a lot of runes that way.

    i wouldn't worry much about Mythics and Masterpieces just yet.  Replacing commons with uncommons and rares will give you much improvement at this point.

    And definitely join a coalition, preferably one that's part of a larger group of coalitions.  Lots of experience there to give you better advice.  And you can get those coalition rewards which will really improve your decks.

    Best of luck!
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    So, I'll jump on the train:

    - The matchmaking is (should be..) based on your planeswalker level. The higher your PW is, the higher your enemy. Recently it seems to be kind of your best option seems to be to have them all at around the same level.
    I normally level them up to 60, but most of them are good enough once their first ability is maxed out (Origins: lvl 51); since you use that one most of the time.
    - I collected my data from free packs, and it looks like the chances are around  80% for commons, 10-15% for uncommons, 5% for rares and <0,5% for mythics. This is my data, with a sample size of only around 50 free boosters.
    - compared to the numbers above, I more or less have the same numbers (fewer commons, more uncommons etc) in normal boosters. But the more cards you get, the better the chance to get rares/mythics of option right now would be the 300 gold pack, since it comes with a guaranteed rare...mythics will come over time.
    - Walkers or boosters...tough call. If you lack cards, get cards, but you need to get more planeswalkers of course. The best mono ones would be Jace 2 (he's awesome), Gideon 3 right now; the best duals..well, that is a total seperate discussion. Sorin helped me a lot in Silver/Gold, so he's basically not a bad choice.
    - you can get masterpieces by AMK/KLD boosters. Legend says, one in a thousand cards could be a masterpiece, so don't count on that !
    - Coalitions are basically the best part of the game.
    Just take a look at the coalitions subforum: there you find several openings, that also welcome newer players...or just join a random one, if you want to.
    But discussing strategies etc really improved my decks - also, you can participate in coalition events, and get rewards - more rewards = more cards = more good cards = better results