Real-time PvP

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I always thought a "true" PvP would be too problematic to implement.  Playing in real-time, having to wait for your opponent to make their moves, seems like it would just take too long.

While I sink my hours into MPQ, my wife is playing a match-3 game based on angry birds, and it's played in real-time.  I don't know the specifics, but the players don't wait for each other.  They each have their own board, and what they do impacts their opponent's board.  Eg, when they make a match-5, all the match icons turn grey for a few seconds so it's harder to see matches.

I think something similar could work for MPQ.  Each player selects a team and puts it out there for challenge.  A challenger appears, and the initiator accepts or declines.  When the match starts, each player begins with the same board, and from there they get random tile drops.

You match on your own board.  Effects that change the board occur on either your board or your opponent's, depending on the effect.
- Attack, protect, strike, and trap tiles appear on your opponent's board.  You get a counter that shows you how many of each you have.
- Board alterations (destruction, color swap, charge) affect your board
- Countdowns appear on your opponent's board

Of course, targeted powers would lose versatility.  They could either be given an optional your/theirs button, with the ability to swap over to your opponent's screen for targeted effects, or left as-is with the knowledge that those powers aren't as useful in this mode (and thus aren't chosen for competition - really just a redefining of which characters are considered top-tier for that particular mode).

You move fast, throw your own powers out attempting to do damage as well as disrupt your opponent's play while they do the same to you.  If you play slow, there's a good chance the match-5 you were trying to line up gets blasted away by a power.  Beat on each other until someone wins or retreats.  Award prizes based on the competitor's SHIELD rank, and split the purse like a boxing match.  70% to the victor, 30% to the loser.


  • zeddicuszeddicus Posts: 70 Match Maker
    Pokemon duel is real player versus player, with five minute timer. The timer helps tremendously. This should be possible for amount of players in marvel puzzle quest. Doubt would happen as people buying gold would drop, and jumps would not be possible. Would like to see happen, not holding breathe on it.
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    I don't think it should replace traditional PvP, just be an extra mode you can engage in for a little extra Iso if you've exhausted your health packs for standard PvP and you're waiting for PvE node refresh.  You could send out a 2* team and battle against a similar team, or test your mettle against a stronger one.  Fun way to experiment with the characters you never use because they're not competitive enough for the main modes.
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    Well I am all for a direct PvP.  Just put a 20 second timer on (chess like) for each move.  If a player doesn't make a move in 20 seconds, then they forfeit their move for that turn.  Twenty seconds should be enough time for making a match.  
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