End of repeated

I hope to start a movement to end the creation of repeated characters. Nobody can take that much repetition.

Suggestion: Gambit; Nightcrawler; Rogue; Cable; Sabretooth; Omega Red; Mysterio; Blob; Namor; Sand-Man; Sunspot; Valkyrie; Thunderbird; Silver Samurai.


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    I wish your post count wasn't so low so that I could make fun of this.

    Since it isn't, I will just explain that this is a very common sentiment and unfortunately is unlikely to ever happen. We're limited by whatever character licenses Demiurge has acquired, whatever Marvel is currently marketing heavily, and, to a certain degree, just plain old laziness. So variants are just something that we're gonna have to live with.

    (also, props for Omega Red. I love that guy.)

    (also also, there's a fair amount of speculation that the next new release will be Sandman based on the clue provided, so you might get 1/14 of your wish.)
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    I find your lack of Kitty Pryde disturbing.
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    Jarvind pointed out some good reasons, but I think there's one more: repeated characters naturally block each other from being on the same team.  So, if you have a small group of characters that all do similar things, making them the same character prevents you from using all of them on the same team, which can potentially prevent "broken" combos.

    For example, let's say they create a 5* and 3* Coulson who also generate AP when any CD tiles expires.  Since they are all Coulsons, you can't put all 3 on the same team for mega AP generation, but if they were all different characters, you could.  Right now we have a 5*Hawkeye that also produces AP when any CD tile expires, so pairing him with Coulson seems like a "broken" combo. 

    Now preventing broken combos is not true in every character situation, but i think it is a factor.  Kinda like the Legends rule in MTG to prevent overly powerful situations. 
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    True, but for this reason the devs are giving similar powers the same AP color. For example: purple takes out enemy tiles or places invisibility tiles, blue stuns, red deals damage, yellow resurrects etc.
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    Yeah, that's mostly true, and especially at 1* and 2* levels, although there are exceptions; I believe all 6 colors have stun powers now (as only one example).

    Isn't the only resurrection power Green? You meant healing, I presume
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    Jarvind said:

    (also, props for Omega Red. I love that guy.)
    I'm picturing a Red, Black, Purple. Black passive stops healing, Purple active weakens or reduces damage from one targeted character, and a Red nuke or tile toppler.
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    Like this?!

    Like everything else the new forum kinda screwed up the formatting, but yeah.
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