4*s and Bonus heroes

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Hello fellow MPQ players! Once again i turn to your expert opinions.

I have been struggling with my 3*s for a long time now and got about 25 of them champed. Now i feel the urge of focus on my 4*s.

At the moment ive got quite alot of the 4* characters but not many covers. So who should i set as bonus heroes? The new characters as i will get more covers and level them faster or the old characters cus you dont get them in packs? Or parhaps only the best characters like iceman?


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    Depends on what your 4* spread is looking like. If one of the upper tier vaulted 4*s is close, like 11+ covers, I'd go ahead and give them the gold heart and hope for the best. But what Mexus said is true, you're not going to see a lot of bonus 4* pulls.

    I'd go Carol or Medusa if none of the classics are close. Carol is strong with Switch and IM40 and can make the likes of Punisher and Human Torch contenders for the 3-4 transition. Medusa can carry matches on her own and works crazy good with special tile generators, especially the auto-generators like Blade and Cage, and coupling her purple with Patch's green can lay down some serious hurt.
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    I'd recommend saying focused on finishing your 3 stars. While you're finishing them you will be building your 4s then you can smoothly transition into the 4 star tier. 

    Meanwhile BH those 4s that are highly covered and don't have a power maxed at 5.
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