No reward for Thor tournament

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I finishe the Thor tournament with a rank somewhere in the 20s or 30s and received no rewards at all. Am I the only one?


  • I spent a hefty amount if time on the Thor tournament, staying pretty consistently in the top ten of my bracket. I had planned to get on this afternoon and make a push in the last hour or so, but wasn't able to since I was in an area with no reception. I realize my top ten spot would have been easily forfeit because if this, but I still should have qualified for something. But when I got home tonight and signed on I received no indication that the tourney had ended our that I had ranked anywhere at all. Did this happen to anyone else?
  • I had the same problem. I did not receive any rewards
  • I also received no rewards, I had worked my way into the top 75, was really looking forward to the rewards.
  • Yeap i saw the same thing happen.. I even sbmitted a bug report about it.. i asked my buddy who i work with and he isnt sure if he got his reward either...
  • IceIXIceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,564 Site Admin
    We've received a couple of reports about this, and we'll look into them. Anyone else that had this issue, please open a ticket using the feedback form (Mail Icon) in the upper right corner of the game.
  • I put in a ticket Friday because I *think* the same thing happened to me in the last Lightning round. I'd just gotten back from lunch, and there we several popups, so it's possible I clicked through the reward. But I haven't seen any response from support yet confirming either way. No big deal, I'm sure it was a piddly reward since I didn't play the last 20-30 minutes while at lunch.
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