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laz070laz070 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 93 Match Maker
How is it possible to delete the save from facebook?

I started the game but didn't really know what I was doing. After realizing how many mistakes I made I choose to delete the game, reinstall and restart is. But since then when I try to link with my facebook account it says, that it has a different save on the account and the only option is to overwrite my new game with the old one from facebook. I don't have the option the other way. I deleted the app from facebook, but even that didn't help : when I was trying to link the app with the account I got the same "Facebook conflict" message.


  • IceIXIceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,564 Site Admin
    Please put in a ticket using the Feedback button in the upper right corner of the game or, if you can't do that because of this conflict, please mail [email protected]. Provide the FB email address that is linked to the old save data as well as your old username if you started PVP and any other information that could be used to link that account. A server tech will have to manually go in and unlink the old account.
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