Index of low-level/low-cover Crash of the Titans victories



  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    Level 93, 5/2/1 Nova had no trouble. 3rd try because of bad cascades but once I got rocket man off twice, it was over. 2 R/Y, 2 all color, and 50% R/Y damage boosts used

    Edited this post to reflect the level was actually 93.
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    Level 100 5/3/5 KP beat it 2nd try using 2 Y/R and 2 G/B boosts. I probably could have beat it at level 70 but I didn't want to use a lot of healthpacks.
  • willyswimwillyswim Age Unconfirmed Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    My lvl 94 5/4/2 XFWolverine won on my first try with half my health left. +2gb, +2all +damage all.
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    5/5/3 level 90 X-23 got it done, 5th try. Used 2 B/P and 2 B/G boosts
  • kilmerkilmer Age Unconfirmed Posts: 14
    X23 3/0/0 lvl 110. 2 tries. Good boards, Electra never fired red or black. Fired purple twice, but all strike tiles were gone by second fire.

    Ign kilmerMPQ
    KA Blammo
  • DavidAmaquelinDavidAmaquelin Posts: 43 Just Dropped In

    2/2/0 Ghost Rider level 106 victory against Galactus. Just really lucky matching the countdowns.

  • Pwuz_Pwuz_ Posts: 1,170 Chairperson of the Boards
    2/2/1 Nebula at level 111.
    Used Yaro Root Support Rank 1 level 50.
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