Crash of the Titans Cycle 4: Miles Morales



  • cooperbigdaddycooperbigdaddy Posts: 344 Mover and Shaker
    Just defeated it with a lvl 70 2/0/0 Miles! I did boost with +2bp and +2all to make sure I got that purple match first and went invisible.

    Because of my low match damage and her Seeking Redemption, it took a few years to beat, but I did it!

    Like the uncool guy I am, I am saving the LT for when I have slots for a bunch of 5*s.
  • JablesMcJablesMc Posts: 235 Tile Toppler
    Got her with lvl 70 at 1/0/0, yielded me a champ level for Elektra.
  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards
    As suspected, my champion Miles had no problems whatsoever with Jessica. Stockpiled the LT.
  • statnutstatnut Posts: 106 Tile Toppler
    Took me six tries (got close twice) but I did it with my lvl 94 1/2/1 Miles. Stayed Hidden for much of the match, only came out of it when I had enough to go right back to being hidden after Surprise. Used Stun a ton as well. Opening the LT when my son gets home from school.
  • Rick_OShayRick_OShay Posts: 765 Critical Contributor
    Can't believe some of the low ranking wins, mine is low but wow!
    lvl 74 1/0/2 got it done on 3rd try. Boosted colors and all match damage.

    That 27 minutes of my life is gone, but I hope the LT will come in handy once 5* Black Panther enters Latest Legends. Got 10 now ready to pull.
  • DJSquiggyDJSquiggy Posts: 97 Match Maker
    won first try with 2/3/4 lvl 188. Boosted Red/Yellow, Blue/Purple, and All AP +2. i probably didnt need the boosts, but at this point, Crash is the only place i use them.

    I was mostly just using the purple to hide while i matched and used red here and there. i accidentally fired Surprise! when i just wanted to check how much Purple i have (bad habit, should just swipe right....). it knocked her down to about 2K, but she had fired a bunch a traps, so i was freaking out. i eventually got her down to about 200 or so health and on the last match, i downed her and activated a trap that downed Miles as well. I'm already thinking i need to try again and cursing my stupidity.....and then the Victory Banner shows up. now i imagine the "fight moderator" (probably Deadpool himself) declaring an unconscious Miles the winner and throwing a Legendary token on him while walking away.

    so, take that as a lesson for all you mobile users. dont use the powers window as a check for AP levels, swipe right and check the AP drawer?....Window?...whatever its called
  • DFiPLDFiPL Posts: 2,405 Chairperson of the Boards
    Went in unboosted for my first shot, and got her down maybe 25% before she matched off my invisibility tile with traps on the board. You can guess how that ended.

    Second try, I went +2 R/Y AP, +2 B/P AP, and +100% match damage. Took a bit longer than I'd have liked because purple wasn't plentiful, but I got invisible reasonably quickly and stayed that way until I was ready to Surprise! her into oblivion.

    Got Thanos_Icon.pnggreenflag.png for my trouble.
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    1/4/5 level 70 Miles got it done 2nd try. Used 2 B/P boosts.
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    First tried with 5/3/5 champed Miles. Took a while to go invisible, and Jessica did get her black out, so I just bided my time and tried to collect what I could (turned out to be yellow, a little bit of red), then did hit her with a one-two of Venom Blast and Surprise!

    Got an unneeded, uncoveted yellow Wasp.
  • HadronicHadronic Posts: 338 Mover and Shaker
    1/2/4 level 70 won first try, no boosts. Collect purple, hide for 30 minutes while you collect ap. Then cast yellow 3 times and purple 3 times for the win
  • shadowyoshishadowyoshi Posts: 153 Tile Toppler
    Won easily with 3/5/2 168 Miles on 1st try. Was a long slog though as the board was filled with black. Over and over and over again. Spiderwoman fired her black 9 times so I had to bide my time on a completely purple starved board. Was never in any danger though.

    Got greenflag.pngThanos_Icon.png for my troubles
  • bigsmoothbigsmooth Posts: 374 Mover and Shaker
    Third try with my 1/0/2 lv90 Miles. Used +2 B/P boosts to go invis faster, and used +all and +red/yellow damage boosts just to speed up the match a bit.
    This definitely illustrates why Jessica is a great PVE character but bad for PVP. If the AI were "smarter" she could have easily crushed me.
  • Nick441234Nick441234 Posts: 1,496 Chairperson of the Boards
    Won pretty comfortably, even with just 3 reds, by hiding the whole match.
  • SkrofaSkrofa Posts: 388 Mover and Shaker
    1 purpleflag.png /1 redflag.png level 74 miles. I figured, well, let's give it a shot

    Lucky purple matches early on and went invisible. Another lucky break since my invis tile got a nice corner spot. Gathered purple just in case. Twenty minutes later I won!!

    Blue peggy
  • SirLanikSirLanik Age Unconfirmed Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
    My 2/3/3 lost once at level 100, leveled to 145 and did it with no trouble.
    Got a Cap Marvel green for my trouble.
  • Insert25cInsert25c Age Unconfirmed Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    My 1 cover (purple) Miles got her to 208 HP remaining when the board shuffled and handed her my invis tile (and I'd just used my purple AP up swinging to try to end it). Tried to finish her off with two matches. Got her to 8hp. Closest I've ever been to breaking my phone from this game.
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