How to Efficiently Raise PW Level

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I have been playing for a bit and started when there were a bunch of PWs available all at once. Of course as I was able to I purchased all of them that I could and am now sitting on 6 level 60 PWs and a bunch in the 30s with 2 sitting lower than that.

I have been struggling massively to power up all these PWs in a decent amount of time without shelling out massive amounts of cash. I play plenty of QBs to try and boost things and play all events that I see.

I also occasionally shell out for a mythic or PW with the added power up crystals but am still struggling. Any thoughts on how to overcome this.

Perhaps I just have to keep chugging away at it and hope not to continue to fall behind as new PWs arrive. I'm not sure. I do wish you could purchase the power up crystals with mana crystals (and the other way around).


  • I'm in a similar position to you as I recently started the game. The fastest way I've found to get mana crystals is to fight the heroic planeswalkers in Story mode. You can earn around 1760 for each one you beat the first time. If you repeat the fight after beating it once you get 250 mana, this can still be quite fast if you tune your deck to beat a particular one.
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    Koth decks full of 8 power creatures can clear QB battles in 3-4 minutes. I hear that Koth decks full of cheap efficient creatures, card draw, and burn spells work nearly as well. It just takes time.
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    The best Planeswalker to geind with is Sorin
    You can finish on max health 95% of the time and go straight back in.

    I do my QB grinding with him or Nahiri. Liliana Last Hope if im out of heals which is extremely rare.
    Im currently 3rd in QB that end tonight. 95% done with Sorin. 300 runes per game adds up fast.

    Lone Rider
    Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
    Drana, Liberator of Malakir.
    Bloodbond Vamipre

    Under the Floor boards
    Ruinous Path
    Unholy Hunger
    Anguished Unmaking

    Oath of Liliana.
    Drownyard Temple
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    Also, check out yunnn's excellent Nahiri Zoo deck thread for ideas.

    It has Olivia, Lantern Scout, another 6 creatures (including Oath of Gideon) as well as Inner Struggle and Uncaged Fury. Its very very fast.

    Quick Battles for grinding Runes efficiently come down to two things: Points per hour, and PW health remaining post-battles. Yunnn mentions that this deck can grind out ~150 points per hour, which at level 60 is 25 games, or 7500 Runes per hour.

    This decks' efficiency comes into power with the Ally creatures pinging Lifegain off of Lantern Scout or Olivia consistently. This reduces the need to use the Health recharge outside of battles.

    I've been using this deck successfully to grind two creatures or other cards at a time to pursue Platinum ranking in White and Red.
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    Heroic battles are much better for mastery than QB. 50 less runes but mastery is 2 to 4x faster.
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    Of course you can always just drop a little cash too. In the grand scheme 7500 in one hr is worth about $10 if you just need to get it, up your PW, go do the dishes and play with the kids.