Index of low-level/low-cover Crash of the Titans victories



  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    Bumping for Drax! Anyone do lower than these so far?
    Level 90, 5/3/5 by El Satanno
    Level 115, 1/2/3 by catcusvader
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,205 Chairperson of the Boards
    I think you upvoted my post in the other thread simpson (thanks!), so this may ne redundant, but i managed 1/1/3 @ 115 (took a lot of attempts though)
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    Beat Carnage with level 90 4/2/5 Venom. +2 all, +2R/Y, 80% all color boosts used. Took five tries
  • monsieurmojomonsieurmojo Posts: 370 Mover and Shaker
    An alliance mate (JDIMSTR) beat Carnage today with his Venom 1/3/1 level 115 with +2 R/Y, +2 B/G, +50% B/G damage! (Was impressed that his best coverage was Venom's worst power for this Crash!)
  • BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 1,783 Chairperson of the Boards
    Bobbyeter wrote:
    Just beat Carnage with my 2/0/2 lvl 106 Venom! +2 ry, +2 bg and +2 all
    saw this on the current Venom thread
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    Dang! Everybody making me feel like a slacker for not being able to beat it with my 2/2/3 at anything less than level 147! Anyway, updated the Venom section, well done everyone.
  • monsieurmojomonsieurmojo Posts: 370 Mover and Shaker
    I'm beginning to wonder, though, but would they actually run Medusa (Inhuman Queen) after Spider-Gwen?
  • turbomooseturbomoose Posts: 529 Critical Contributor
    I'm wondering if it's possible to win with spider Gwen with no red power as I don't have it
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,205 Chairperson of the Boards
    2/3/3 [email protected] took 3 tries. Boosted +2 red, +50% match damage on r/y and b/p. I am sure that this strategy would work as low as 1/3/1. Maybe even 1/2/1 with +100% match damage boosts and no margin for error.

    Strategy details coming as soon as i get home and can use a keyboard.

    Added details:

    At level 111 with 3 covers, Gwen's red does about 3.2k. Fortunately, miles is pretty weak for a 4*, having just under 14k health. So the goal is to collect 18 red ap while gwen + miles combine to produce at least 9 web tiles. That will allow you to use red 3 times for 9.6k damage. Add in about 4.2k of match damage and you win! It may be possible to use the same technique with just 2 red covers, but that means only doing about 2.5k per attack, for a total of 7.5k with 3 casts. getting everything else from match damage can be tricky.

    Since you need lots of red for this strategy, start with +2 r/y ap. Them throw in +50% r/y and +50% b/p match damage. You could be more efficient and go with +100% all damage boosts, but I was low and those are expensive (probably essential if you have fewer than 3 red).

    Once the match starts DENY RED. You need tons of red for this plan to work, and miles' red is fairly dangerous for low level gwens. If there are no viable red matches on the board, then collect purple. the idea is to get at least 6 purple and then hold it until the board has multiple matches and you can't deny miles from getting the colors he needs. When that happens you can stun him for a round and collect all the important color matches (the stun can also be useful if you need to make a match that contains web tiles and don't want to feed miles more ap). The difference between 1 and 3 purple covers is relatively minimal (just extra web tiles), but 4 covers will give you a 2 turn stun which is a big boost. Using this careful deny + stun-when-necessary strategy, you have a decent chance of collecting the colors you need before miles can go invis or get off a red. Once you get close to 18 red ap, you should bait miles into using his yellow until there are enough web tiles on the board (supplement with your own purple and yellow if you have enough ap/covers for them to be effective). This will all take a pretty long time, so you should have done enough match damage to get miles down below 10k, so 3x gwen's red should be enough to finish him.

    It will take a fair bit of board luck (especially early on), but I think this strategy is definitely repeatable, so everyone with at least 3 red covers and enough iso to put gwen at 111 or higher should make more than a few attempts.

    P.S. I don't think victory without any red covers is very likely at all. Maybe if you had enough other covers to level up to 150+ and used full match damage boosts and got a perfect board. But that's really expensive and hard to pull off.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,205 Chairperson of the Boards
    5 tries with kate. Finally beat oml with 85 health left.

    1/2/4 kate @ 111. Used +2 b/p ap. Goal is to get at least 16 black and 10 purple. Blue was too slow and weak for me with just one cover. Save all powers for a single strike to avoid his healing. The good news is that he is weak with just 11k health. The bad news is you dont have much time because 5* match damage is high. Deny black as those strikes will kill you quickly. Then collect purple, then. Fire everything at once and you can hopefully drop him by the time the purple cd resolves. Add match damage boosts if you have fewer covers.
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    I beat OML 3rd try with level 100 4/2/5 Kate. I used 2 B/P, 100% damage on B/P, and 2 all color boosts. Name of the game is deny black, try to shoot off blue and purple moves A.S.A.P.

    Thanos black from LT
  • PnutdagrtPnutdagrt Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1
    I beat Old man Logan with a level 94 Kate Bishop covered 1/2/1 .Boost blk/g ,blue/purp, and all colors boost. Deny blk, and save up till you can fire at least twice, fire blue and purple at will,.
  • Pwuz_Pwuz_ Posts: 1,170 Chairperson of the Boards
    Level 127 Kate at 0/2/3 did it too.

    Honesty not nearly as impossible as one would think without Blue.

    Scrapped out a win with 6 hit points left.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,205 Chairperson of the Boards
    2/3/4 [email protected]

    4 tries, no boosts.

    Deny green, then purple, collect as much green and black as necessary to drop x23 in a one round.
  • tgibbs40tgibbs40 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 113 Tile Toppler
    0/0/3 Level 106 Moon Knight on my 6th or 7th try. Ran out of preferred boosts so ended up winning with 2 G/B AP boost, 50% critical match damage, and 50% R/Y match damage.

    Deny green, purple, and red as best as possible and hope for a good board.

    4* Cyclops blue as my reward, which takes him to 3/5/3.
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    5/1/5 level 100 MK won first try, no boosts.
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    Bumping for Nova. Our standing records:
    Level 78, 1/3/1 by revskip
    Level 90, 2/1/0 by lareau with +2 R/Y ap, + 50% R/Y damage, + 100% damage
    Level 111, 0/2/3 by Shad0fff
  • tgibbs40tgibbs40 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 113 Tile Toppler
    Level 105 3/0/5 Nova with 60% match damage, 50% r/y damage, and 50% b/g damage won pretty easily. I think I had half my health left.
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 634 Critical Contributor
    edited February 2017
    Level 93, 5/2/1 Nova had no trouble. 3rd try because of bad cascades but once I got rocket man off twice, it was over. 2 R/Y, 2 all color, and 50% R/Y damage boosts used
  • Cypr3ssCypr3ss Age Unconfirmed Posts: 155 Tile Toppler
    Level 94 1/1/3 Nova with 100% match dmg, 50% r/y dmg and 50% b/g dmg, struggled through 6 matches before finally beating it. (Have since added a 2nd yellow from the recent pvp 900pt progression.)

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