Crash of the Titans Cycle 4: Drax



  • HaxisHaxis Age Unconfirmed Posts: 41 Just Dropped In
    lvl 140, 4/2/3 +2r/y +2 all +All Dmg, first try, he got two sucker punches and a few crits dropped, I was down to 3k when I purpled into black, and red to win. Got a yellowflag.pngicon_blackbolt.png bringing him to 1/2/3
  • SirLanikSirLanik Age Unconfirmed Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
    2/0/1 lvl 90 Drax cannot get in the ballpark of this one. Trying to deny red and purple, but Star-Lord always fires one before I can kill him, and either of his powers kills me if it fires, so.
  • HaxisHaxis Age Unconfirmed Posts: 41 Just Dropped In
    SirLanik wrote:
    2/0/1 lvl 90 Drax cannot get in the ballpark of this one. Trying to deny red and purple, but Star-Lord always fires one before I can kill him, and either of his powers kills me if it fires, so.

    you're a bit low level to just try and match damage this one out, SL has super cheap powers.
  • catcusvadercatcusvader Age Unconfirmed Posts: 93 Match Maker
    edited December 2016
    Took 7 tries lvl 115 1/2/3

    started at lvl 70 add 45 lvls of iso

    spent 200 hp on all match damage boost, lost both tries. Saved red and black to fire at once finally beat him.

    what do it get greenflag.pngicon_redhulk.png for 4/10/2

    game just gives repeat covers I can't use, over and over.
  • TheRealJRadTheRealJRad Posts: 309 Mover and Shaker
    "Luckily", my Drax is 5/2/5. Level 100 proved sufficient, using +2 red/black/all boosts.

    A Cho for my trouble.
  • waywrethwaywreth Posts: 285 Mover and Shaker
    3rd try with 140 2/3/5 Drax (first two were unboosted). Used 50% R/Y, 50% B/G. Fired no powers until it killed him.

    Won a purpleflag.pngicon_kingpin.png whom I have champed.
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    First try (unboosted!) for my 3/2/3 130 Drax. Survived and won despite experimenting with the red/black combo (which only marginally increases the damage for black with my build); like other Crashes against a character with passive that activates on you firing a power, you just need to gather as much AP as you can and unload it at once.

    X-23 from the LT, another champ level.

    Interesting to add that in my slice, I saw one guy (El Satanno!) with a level 90 Drax who won -- granted, he was 5/3/5, but still, nice job!
  • Moon RoachMoon Roach Posts: 2,863 Chairperson of the Boards
    Moon Roach's level 175 5/3/5 won in the first vanilla try, no problems at all. Save up red and black, let Star-Lord have it in one turn.

    Got a Drax red from the token, which is ironic, and useless.

    Wolveroach's level 94 1/2/1 won't be gracing this event with his presence.
  • ScrubJayScrubJay Posts: 90 Match Maker
    Beat it on first try with a 2/1/4 Drax level 152. Just save all your Black and Red AP and you should be okay.

    Star Lord isn't much of a threat if you're denying red and purple and holding off your special moves. He seems undercovered for this fight as well.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,110 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited December 2016
    Update: victory after 21 tries! 1/1/3 [email protected]

    Took 300 hp worth of boosts, plus about 1k iso boosts. Strategy below, just took board luck.

    Deny red as much as possible, followed by purple. I have mostly ignored yellow, even though it can hurt a bit, trying instead to focus on collecting black when possible. At 1 black cover, I can only use 1 CD at a time to do about 2.6k. The goal is to get 24 black ap, 16 purple ap and 24 red ap (though less ap is necessary if you can get some lucky criticals). Then fire purple twice consecutively (it's important to make sure that SL doesn't have enough red ap that giving him a yellow CD will let him cast anything), and then fire everything you have all at once. With luck, it will be enough to drop him.

    I used +2ap all, +100% match damage, +50% match damage on red/yellow. This turned out to be important when I won as I managed to get 2 match5/subsequent critical matches. With the match damage boosts, I could do 1400+ damage on a match 3 of red, purple or black. And I got two of those in my victorious match.
  • carrion_pigeonscarrion_pigeons Age Unconfirmed Posts: 942 Critical Contributor
    I have a 1/1/2 Drax and figured I'd give it a shot, so I leveled him to 94 (his max) to try it out. I don't see how it can happen. I need to pull off something like 6 actives at that level and at the very least prevent him from ever using his red while I collect the 70-ish AP I'd need to end the fight. That just doesn't seem like a thing that's ever going to happen.

    Gonna keep trying though!
  • bigsmoothbigsmooth Posts: 374 Mover and Shaker
    Took seven tries with my 3/5/2 lv144 Drax. Had several close calls before that but SL kept cascading into red or purple and thumping me. I found Drax's purple was not worth using at all, at least without more black covers. The loss of a turn plus generating a CD for Peter was not worth the bonus damage for me.
  • SmudgeSmudge Posts: 562 Critical Contributor
    Took my 1/2/4 Drax to level 152 for this one and beat it on the first go. +2 R/Y, +2 B/G, empty third boost slot (didn't know what else to use). Absolutely hard deny red, and controlling purple is important if you have low health on your Drax.

    Level 152 puts Drax just shy of Star-Lord's health pool - I forget how close, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 13K versus 14.5K. Managed to fire the 90%+ red really early on. Star-Lord got his purple CDs out, only managed to match away one of them before it activated, but it was "only" ~3k damage. I never even had enough AP to use my purple. Fired red one more time, black once, controlled the yellow CDs of Star-Lord's that resulted from those power uses, and tried to deny as best I could.

    Star-Lord actually managed to fire his purple one more time in the waning moments of the match when it was my 900 health versus his 600 health, and I thought I was a goner. My very last match-3 (at the top of the board, no less) resulted in a surprise skyfall match-5 at the top of the board that finished Star-Lord off.

    4* greenflag.pngicon_jeangrey.png from the LT, which was enough to take my 4/4/4 Teen Jean to full covers before I get her progression cover from HoD, so she's now my 8th 4* champed (re-spec'd to 5/3/5 obviously)!
  • RumakashiRumakashi Age Unconfirmed Posts: 31 Just Dropped In
    First try with my 172 5/1/2 Drax, thanks to RNG i got the good cover at 5*.
  • statnutstatnut Posts: 106 Tile Toppler
    Managed to do it with my level 127 3/0/3 drax. My reward? Gwenpool. Bleh.
  • rainkingucdrainkingucd Posts: 755 Critical Contributor
    Also adding that I just managed in on the 4th try or so. L141, 4/1/2. Denied red enough, took all 3 purple, and then double tapped black to finish him.
  • kobukobu Age Unconfirmed Posts: 165 Tile Toppler
    Got it second try with 115 1/1/5. It wasn't too hard when the board kept feeding me red. Had 3K or so life left. I'd really rather have a better balance of covers than an easier time winning this one...
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