Crash of the Titans Cycle 4: Quake



  • TheDrStrangeTheDrStrange Posts: 89 Match Maker
    Took me around 15 tries with my 4/2/1 level 152 Quake. I got with ~1000 hp several times, so I just kept trying. On the game I won, I was using 2 of the match damage boosts and the crit boost. Just tried to deny green, then blue, then yellow. Saved blue and green for when I really needed it to match away invisibility or strike tiles. Hopefully I can pull another Quake or two before the next bout.
  • metallionmetallion Posts: 276 Mover and Shaker
    I did it after wasting about 5-7k iso in boosts, which is probably close to 30 rounds. After wasting that much ISO I was pretty unwilling to give up, especially having brought her down to 300hp 5 times

    1/2/5, +50% bk/g and bl/p. 978hp left, started my final stretch when she had 3.7k hp left, had stockpiled plenty of green and blue while waiting for my death as she had 10 green ready for a blast. Basically just kept making match 5s wherever possible, after running out of 5s see if i could use a blue into a match 4/5, otherwise use green. Matched plenty of 5s on the way to bringing her down. Definitely the toughest fight so far, but at least i kept my 100% record this cycle

    X-23 purple for my efforts, which isn't that bad, since that was my 5th purple for her
  • limonadelimonade Posts: 41 Just Dropped In
    That's some luck you all have.

    My Quake: 209 - 3/3/4

    Over 30 attempts. I've got her down to 1k until she goes invisible, cascades, and takes me down even when I'm 4k healthy.

    That's all I can take from IW this time. I NEED a good a board to do some damage. Quake's green isnt enough once or twice in the match.
  • BlackWidowerBlackWidower Posts: 230 Tile Toppler
    I have Level 115 1/1/3. There's no way I will be able to do this.
  • Rick_OShayRick_OShay Posts: 765 Critical Contributor
    Quake at Lvl 146 5/3/2
    Definitely fortunate to have 5 in green. It took 3 tries (first was at around level 120 and was a laughable bad luck disaster).
    On winning battle, added boosts to blue AP and all match damage. Denied green first, and tried to save up for 2 Earthquakes.
    The reason for not doing it right when I had enough for one, was because each time the EQ would setup a very dangerous board against me - more than 3 green or blue matches available that I couldn't deny to IW.
    Keeping yellow down was key as well, so that Quake's blue power could more likely ensure to remove her yellow invisibility and protect tiles (at 2 covers Resonance Frequency only removes 4 tiles of color choice).

    Banked the LT for now, but my son will probably beg until I let him open it tonight...
  • kobukobu Age Unconfirmed Posts: 165 Tile Toppler
    Oh hey. I didn't think I'd have the lowest:

    111 at 2/2/1

    I tried twice with no boosts and got smoked. Did one more before going to bed with +2 all AP, +100% all damage, and +50% blue/purple. Got a match 5 on opening, and continued with match 5 and cascades. IW didn't know what hit her. Barely took any damage, got green power off twice, finished off with a cascade from blue.

    Got a green IW cover out of it.
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