What are your thoughts after the latest patch?

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So, this forum has started to show life again, after this newest patch, hopefully this means the game is working better! What are the best things about the game right now? Anything that should be worked on?


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    I hate it now! It has completely ruined the game for me. There's too many things going on with the tiles, in each round I have about 5 basic colour tiles, the rest have worms, bolts, coins etc it's almost impossible to match enough to power up players :/

    I think I will stick to the old tournament only
  • After leveling all of my silver star characters to 60, playing through any of the back quests was a bunch of one-hit-kill boring. I'm so glad to have a challenge again, and a better way to consistently earn Hero Coins. Some of the fixes broke a few drops/inventory things though, and there are a handful of things I've noticed about her tournaments so I'm going to leave them here.

    Item Drops
    Once you get a gold star character on your roster, the items to make bronze level food no longer drop. I can't find vials of cyclops tears, they have all been upgraded to bottles. I still want to make bug milkshakes for the new bronze level characters I decide to put on my roster. I'd still like to be able to get the vials.
    Loot bags are pretty good now but I have noticed that the items that are listed when you finish checking out what you get don't actually show up in your inventory. Specifically Crystal Gem Apples. This is an important item because it is required to charge the flute trinket. No apples, no flute! I wish they'd also be available as a prize in the PVP tournaments.

    I really love the new frequency and the variance of the available tournaments. Unfortunately, it seems that the rank rewards don't ever actually get delivered. I have opened tickets upon tickets with customer service, but I can't always remember what I'm supposed to win, nor do I actually know what rank I finished at for any of the Candy Kingdom tournaments. The Fire Kingdom tourney is a little easier because if I close out the game and reload it, it retrieves my actual rank, and I can compare my score with it. I'll still play regardless to achieve the Victory rewards.

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    Shameless bump...

    How are you all liking the new store???
  • Found the loot bag drops are showing incorrectly or they are bugged. Some items dont appear in my inventory or are avaiable to sell in the shop.

    monster heart wedding cake (not going to my inventory)
    crystal gem apple, small monster heart (not going to shop sell list).
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    I have been having the same problem wherein I loot a monster heart wedding cake and any other loot received at the same time disappears. Also, if I collect bags of loot it will always double the number shown at the rewards screen. Other than these 2 problems, I've enjoyed the game. I only started playing around the time this patch came out, so I cant really complain too much.
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