Champ more threes or move on?



  • abominatrixabominatrix Posts: 216 Tile Toppler
    >> I'm in a similar position to this, but there's another bonus to having a ton of championed 3* characters: they mask your 5*. At 25 champions, at least a few of them are boosted every week, and any 5* you choose to roster will be hidden amongst the boosts. No biggie.


    I've completed the 3* transition, have all of the 3* champed, and have no 4* ready (most covers is 11). I have a bunch of 5* rostered, but looking at Thick as Theives, my top 5 leveled characters are:
    Groot: 280
    Mags: 274
    Falcap: 270 (I had leveled him to 185 for Clash, but he's 5/42)
    Chulk 270 (leveled him for this event, he's 5/3/3)
    Deqadpool 252

    You can even ignore the 4*, since Dakan and Switch are also both above 255. 5* screwed up my scaling until I had a mass of champed 3*, now it's not an issue.
  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    op. if you have top tier 4*s covered, level them. if not, its ok to finish working on your 3s. if you're hoarding, saving up hp for a slot, then opening cp/LTs until you get a new guy, your 4* transition will be a while, but will be most efficient (i.e. least covers wasted). in the meantime, you'll be getting lots of 3* covers - they come in pretty regularly. its really best to have them all champed unless you have a 4* that can be a difference maker for you. I think that includes: iceman, 4thor, cyke, rulk, jean, hb, xfdp. later that will include peggy, moonknight, and punisher. quake, nova, x23, etc are solid choices, but but may be just a step behind the others (my opinion for a first 4* champ).
  • RogueZeroOneRogueZeroOne Posts: 29 Just Dropped In
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but for scaling purposes, I thought the game calculated the average level of your top three rostered heroes after boosting? I have enough champed threes, that I'm not worried about the one 5* cover in my roster, and I wouldn't be worried about pulling more as long as I didn't level them.


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