Crash of the Titans Cycle 3: X-23



  • SnowcaTTSnowcaTT Posts: 3,354 Chairperson of the Boards
    SnowcaTT wrote:
    I beat it last time with something like 3/2/3. Now correctly covered and level 172, Elecktra is so weak it will be a cake-walk.

    I say this and it took me four tries. Some terrible boards and bad cascades.

    Plus side: finally broke my ~20 LT streak of no 5*'s with a 2nd 5Hulk cover. Now, another two years for 11 more.....
  • CrowlCrowl Posts: 1,530 Chairperson of the Boards
    I have her champed so this was nice and easy, to get me back for the ease of victory I was punished with a Starlord red. icon_e_sad.gif
  • mckauhumckauhu Posts: 740 Critical Contributor
    2/0/0 X-23 doesn't have much of a chance I believe. Tried already once and failed. Going to try again two more times maybe levelling her a little (now lvl 86)
  • DFiPLDFiPL Posts: 2,405 Chairperson of the Boards
    1/3/1, Level 115. Got it first try. Which is nice because she hasn't gained any covers since last time, and the same build failed last time. So nice to know it's viable after all.

    I used +2 b/p, +2 all, and 20% match damage, all boosted as high as possible. She didn't get her red off until a move or two before the end, when it didn't have time to kill me. She DID get her black off, but I was able to use X-23's healing matches to negate that. I laid one of X-23's trap tiles, but had to match it off immediately because Shadow Step was getting fired the next turn and I didn't want it to get wasted by Elektra firing SS and then matching off my trap.

    Got icon_thing.pngredflag.png from the token, bringing him to 3/3/1. Me gusta.
  • SluggoSluggo Posts: 503 Critical Contributor
    So weird (and awesome) to have an easy win, but with a champed Laura it was first-try, finishing at full health. I denied red and black for the heck of it, stocked up green until I had enough red to leave strike tiles, laid a trap tile in the top row which Elektra kindly matched for 10k damage.

    Got a greenflag.pngicon_warmachine.png , now 0/2/4, and brought my cycle 3 record to 13-7.
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    As expected, no problem with 153 5/5/3 -- won on my first attempt. Elektra got one or two Ballets of Death out and one or two Shadow Steps out, which I had to be mindful of but were otherwise mere annoyances.

    Pulled a blue Flaptain, which I used to respec him to 4/4/5.
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 1,093 Chairperson of the Boards
    I (kinda unexpectedly) won with my 3/0/3 X-23. First attempt, too. Since my X-23 lacks healing I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off.

    Leveled her from 94 to 110, but even then this would mean she wouldnt last long with her ~6K health if Elektra got her black (5 no damage tiles dealing 1K damage) or red (1K+ dmg/turn if not matched) off.

    Used +100% match damage, +150% crit boost, +2 all AP.

    Managed to deny her enough black and red for a long time, she did get her red off at one point but the trap was luckily placed in a spot where I could match it away.

    Some lucky cascades involving criticals helped with some 3K damage in total, and also a purple match that involved a tracking prey trap tile.

    It got really hairy in the end, as she finally collected enough black in the final turns when she had only 300ish health left, and X-23 about 3K. A match-5 allowed me to keep the turn AND stay alive, and collect the last green I needed to fire a Berserker Fury that placed black strike tiles over a few more of Elektra's shadow step tiles.

    Stockpiled the LT with the rest of the bunch icon_cool.gif
  • madokmadok Age Unconfirmed Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    Got it on the first try with my champed X-23. LT banked for later use.
  • statnutstatnut Posts: 106 Tile Toppler
    Tried about 10 times with a lvl 106 2/2/0 and not even close.
  • AkCrispAkCrisp Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
    0/4/1 level 131 X-23 here.

    Start of the day, I burned all of my 20% all damage boosts on many tries. Every single time, the ballet of death trap tile would stay out of sight just long enough for Elektra to get enough black tiles for Shadow Step and destroy my regen with the combined damage every turn.

    End of the day, I tried with 50% green/black, blue/purple, and a vintage 20% green/black over many tries. I started thinking of when to deny black or red when both matches were available, to let Elektra get her purple off once at the very beginning, and to match away black tiles after Shadow Step goes off. Ultimately, I finally beat Elektra thanks to a lot of lucky 5matches, crit tiles, and lucky trap matches.

    icon_blackbolt.pngyellowflag.png from the token.
  • SmudgeSmudge Posts: 562 Critical Contributor
    Couldn't pull it off no matter how hard I tried last time with my 2/1/0 X-23. I only found one extra green in the meantime, but I figured I'd give it one or two goes.

    3/1/0, level 111, boosted 100% match, 50% r/y, 50% g/b. First try even with Elektra getting a Shadow Step off. I think I managed to match away two of her traps with it because it only blew up 3 times on me. Finished her with over 2k health left of my almost 6k pool. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

    greenflag.pngicon_iceman.png puts him at 2/4/3... approaching usable outside of DDQ... ever so slowly...
  • SirLanikSirLanik Age Unconfirmed Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
    Baaaarely won with my level 111 2/1/2 X-23. Took 16 tries, eventually went all damage boosts and got some lucky cascades.

    Was tough for a while as Elektra seemed to get a free red match dropped from above every turn on my losses, and only takes about three turns of that damage to kill at my level. Shadowstep is almost as bad, would usually be left with sub 500 hp after a shadow step.

    I'll enjoy this one more with a few more covers.

    Got a black cover for Mr. Fantastic bringing him to 3/2/4.... He's now three covers ahead of his wife. >.>
  • TrykeTryke Age Unconfirmed Posts: 320 Mover and Shaker
    was 5/0/4 at the start of the week. I had 29 tacos saved and potentially 10 more for this week. I saw the X-23 red in the vault so I just started pulling tacos and at around 35 tacos, there it was!

    5/1/4 got me the win nice and easy and it's nice to finally have an X-23 that can heal.

    token_legendary.png = blackflag.pngicon_drax.png
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