Nahiri decks

ReaganstormeReaganstorme Age Unconfirmed Posts: 334 Mover and Shaker
Running this deck right now:

Creatures (4):
General Tazri
Munda's Vanguard
Patron of the Valiant *1
Ondu Champion *1

Spells (3):
Iona's Blessing
Ondu Rising
Lightning Axe *2

Supports (3):
Drownyard Temple *3
Always Watching

*1 - Flexible Ally creature slots. Veteran Warleader, Angel of Renewal, or Cliffside Lookout would also work.
*2 - Flexible, removal slot. Also consider Volcanic Upheaval to trigger activated gems.
*3 - Mana booster slot, eg: Shrine of the Forsaken, Battlefield Forge, etc.

Her first ability is just so good that i believe that they're going to have to swap it with her second as they did to Koth.

This deck is all about pumping your Ally creatures with General Tazri and/or Munda's Vanguard. Try to save your Vigilance activation until you have a creature that will survive it. I'll sometimes use Iona's Blessing offensively too, casting on a problematic creature who is dodging my beatsticks.


  • madwrenmadwren Posts: 2,000 Chairperson of the Boards
    Volcanic Rambler
    Spectral Shepherd
    Abbot of Keral Keep
    Runaway Carriage
    Akoum Firebird

    Uncaged Fury
    Inner Struggle
    Smite the Monstrous

    Drownyard Temple

    At this point, though, until they fix her 3rd ability, ANYTHING works. I had a 3-turn kill this morning. First turn 7 mana. Second turn Linvala, cascades into amazingness, reinforce her with 3rd ability, attack with 40/40 angel. Third turn, cast 3 burn spells and Linvala again. WIn.
  • octal9octal9 Posts: 593 Critical Contributor
    At this point, though, until they fix her 3rd ability, ANYTHING works.
    Absolutely. Her third ability is just absolutely broken in its current state.

    My deck is actually pretty similar to Reagenstorm's above:

    Creatures (4):
    Felidar Soverign
    Tyrant of Valakut
    Munda's Vanguard
    Hanweir Militia Captain (might be swapping this out)

    Spells (3):
    Iona's Blessing
    Smite the Monstrous
    Volcanic Upheaval

    Supports (3):
    Drownyard Temple
    Hixus, Prison Warden

    She's only at level 28 so far for me but right now she's just unstoppable.
  • glggwpglggwp Age Unconfirmed Posts: 202 Tile Toppler
    All out attack!

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