ATPQ Patch Notes (04/25/16)

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ATPQ v1.93.520905

New Features...
• You can now train characters with Magic Dust from the Roster and Party windows.
• Recruits can now be used to upgrade your roster members and increase their abilities!
• Leveling up your special abilities:
    Upgrade your character’s special ability Rank by merging two of the same characters. For example; you can level up Finn’s "Column Crusher" Bronze ability to Rank 2 by combining him with another Bronze Finn. To level up Finn’s "Mathematical!" Silver ability to Rank 2, you will need to combine a Silver Finn. Gold abilities require gold characters to be combined.
• When combining duplicate characters, the character with the highest level is kept.
• Removed the following items for use (they can still be sold at Choose Goose):
    • Perfect Bug Milkshake • Perfect Sandwich • Perfect Apple Pie • Monster Stew

Other Changes...
• If you have less than 4 members in your Roster, Wishes are now guaranteed to give you a character you do not already own.
• Barb has been hoarding Pickles, and defeating her now provides 2 instead of 1.
• The game will now occasionally ask for feedback if you have been playing for a while.
• Passive Rank is now tied to tier.
    • Bronze characters have a Rank 1 passive. • Silver characters have a Rank 2 passive. • Gold characters have a Rank 3 passive.

Visual Updates
• Improved appearance of ability icons on iOS devices.
• Improved appearance of many scene backgrounds on iOS devices.

Bug Fixes
• Battle victory now hinges on all enemies being dead instead of all players being alive at the end of a battle. This fixes a crash when the last enemy dies to a Reflect Shield after killing the last player.
• 1-time Quest rewards from boss nodes should no longer be incorrectly reported as received after they have been received the first time.
• Improved loading screen progress while loading cached assets.
• Reduced timeout delay for server connections to attempt retries faster.
• The revive timer should no longer reappear on previously dead characters while the device is sleeping.
• Reduced the chance that the inventory would become locked in some circumstances.
• Fixed some missing text localization.


  • So, how exactly do you combine the characters?
  • UnknownUnknown ADMINISTRATORS
    To upgrade a characters rank ability. They first must have an extra copy of same star rank in your RECRUITS tab. From there when you click the icon of the character it will have a new blue button called UPGRADE. From there you can see what will be upgraded. Please note that you can not upgrade characters in your roster slots. They must be in the recruits tab.
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