Adventure Time Puzzle Quest: 7 Tips & Guides

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Gameplay Introduction

The game functions much like any other match 3 title. The player is met with a grid full of different color tiles. In order to deal damage to the opposing enemies, the player must match 3 or more of these tiles together. The characters you have selected will deal damage to the enemies. This goes on until the challengers are defeated.

1. Recruiting Your Favorite Peeps

If you're a fan of Adventure Time try recruiting and collect characters like Marceline, Flame Princess, BMO, and Ice King to build a party that compliments your play style. So choosing your favorite character is very important to enjoy the game to the fullest!

2. Characters Hidden Abilities

Each characters has different special abilities & color's. Use your special ability as soon as your special meter is full. The meter can be filled naturally while in battle, as you'll see, each characters has their own ability that's unique from each others. For instance, Finn’s offensive ability, when charged by being matched up with blue symbols, can clear out one random column on the board.

3. Win With Combos

It's very important to unleash your special abilities wisely thus protecting your characters from receiving greater damage. Therefore, you should hold back on unleashing big combos, saving them from characters like Wizards or Fighters because they have greater attack ratings.

4. Prepare Before Battle

Start off by crafting different type of foods and feed them to your characters. That's going to help them level up and become more capable in completing difficult quests. Please that note, each food has all short of specific powers. For example, Monster Stew foods increase passive skill ranks and hence characters become stronger.

5. Gain more XP

Gaining XP and level up to launch even more devastating attacks to characters. Also, repeat a quest that you've completed because it can be played again so you can earn more experience points.

6. Colorful Treasure Box

Treasure Box can be obtain in a battle. They're very useful & important in order to gain more Stardust and Hero Coins that could be use for purchasing new characters and crafting potions.

7. Feeding Prismo With Pickle

In order to get the Characters feeding the pickle to the Prismo is the only way. Depending upon the background algorithm such as Land of Ooo, Heroes, and Misfist you will get a random characters on feeding the Prismo.

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  • How do you "rank" up a character I have 2 stuck at level 30??
    La la
  • DreamixDreamix Age Unconfirmed Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    Lsark wrote:
    How do you "rank" up a character I have 2 stuck at level 30??
    La la

    Unfortunately, this game is not design for characters to (Rank Up). But to acquire a silver or gold character, it needs to be done through the wishing pickle (Prismo).
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