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    ErikPeter wrote:
    You can't champion all the characters, it's just too much ISO. But definitely you want to when you can, because of the Legendary Tokens at 167 and just free goodies from there on out. But if you try to max all the 3-stars, by the time you earn enough to do so you'll have a bunch of maxed four-stars who you haven't been leveling up and are forced to toss covers.

    My IW is level 170 and 13 covers. I've tossed 3 extra Blue covers in the past week since I know I am not going to get the 200K ISO before they expire. Which is crazy because that's a lot of "lucky" 4-star pulls, oh if only they were for anyone else..

    Anyways I would suggest championing who you can, but NOT everyone. It's just too iso heavy. I envy the guys who never levelled up and are sitting on a fat stack of ISO to choose exactly who they want to progress, but won't feel bad when they pop their LTs right afterward and then realize they are 250K short of Champing a 4-star with a couple covers waiting.

    Eh, I'm going the exact route you're warning against. Basically I transitioned very slow, not rushing to the next tier. I had a solid roster of 2* characters and soft-capped all my 3* at 94 so I had a large roster to play with.

    After the iso cost reduction I ended up bringing up my main 3* to 120, then eventually the rest. With everyone soft-capped I started hoarding iso. Hoarded about 2 million and brought about 20 3* from 120 to 166. With all the main people ideally covered and leveled I had nothing to spend on, so eventually maxed the level 15 2* I had as roster spot holders and for essentials (they were no longer place holders once iso was invested).

    That was it. The upper half of the 3* roster maxed I figured time to save up for the 4* grind.

    Then championing. I don't place high enough in PVP progressionals or overall to get 4* covers. All mine come from top 50-100 debut PVE and tokens from command points and stuff. That's it. So 4* are tough to come by.

    I had almost a million Iso and championed every single 2 and 3* (Even Bag-Man) that I could. I then brought up Human Torch, Gamora, and Mystique.

    I'm nearing 400k iso and could stockpile for the 4* transition but, I'm bringing Falcon, Storm, Beast, and Carol next.

    My only regret is opening a **** ton of legendary tokens from championing and from CPs. That stops now. All tokens and CPs are being stockpiled for a long long time. I plan to bring every single 3* to 166.

    After that, everything I get will be useable either to level a character up, or will be a 4* cover I need. And ANY iso that I get will be hoarded a long time until I can bring up mass 4*. And when I can, the cool part is by then I'll have a bunch of 3* at their level to play with due to early championing.

    To me this has always been about the slow grind and I like it that way.
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    I'm gonna champion any lvl 166 3* when i get the next cover for the LT. Because of low iso supplies I will champion 2*s when i can afford it, putting ones with maxxed 3* rewards as priority. Then I'll choose who to champion based on which covers they give as rewards.
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    I've stopped leveling up characters right now until I get all my maxed characters championed. Because either way, 7500 ISO is worth an LT. Worst case it costs you 6500. Best case you get that OML yellow that I, I mean you have been hoping for.
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