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I'm not qualified to make such a list, but are there folks out there contemplating the "best" characters to champion? Or is the consensus to just Champion whomever you can as often as you can?

I've got an odd collection of 3*s stockpiled, but iso is certainly limited and I cannot even consider my strongest 4*s as they are 80k in iso from being maxed (and I don't expect more of their covers very often).

So are people making plans for selecting champions? Or maybe just using DDQ to prompt for the most part and get all 3*s?

I'm not against ideas for 2*s, I just don't expect to be using them myself, so I'm not giving them much attention at this point.


  • TatercatTatercat Age Unconfirmed Posts: 930 Critical Contributor
    I think the biggest factor is that the 1st reward for any 3* champion is a LT.

    Then it depends on which 4* character is part if the rewards (3 covers, one of each color, startng at lvl 183) for that 3* character. From the two I championed (because I had their covers so far and the ISO to do it):

    Doom has IW at lvl 183
    Groot has Starlord at lvl 183

    Not great, but the LT's did give me a Kingpin and 4* Cyclops.
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    Out of my 3* champions so far, here seems to be the key 4 star progressions based off their rewards:

    Luke Cage 183 - King pin
    Magneto 183 - Prof X
    Cyclops 183 - Cyc
    She Hulk 183 - Cho
    Regular Hulk 183 - Cho
    Hood 183 - Ghost Rider
    Kamala Khan 183 - thoress
    Scarlet Witch 183 - Prof X
    Thord 183 - Red Hulk
    Blade 183 - Ghost Rider

    All the characters provide the same 4 star throughout their progress I believe 3 times for seperate covers each. My phone is dying now though so I can't site colors or a more comprehensive breakdown.
  • RoryQRoryQ Age Unconfirmed Posts: 64 Match Maker
    Daken has X23
  • jackstar0jackstar0 Posts: 1,277 Chairperson of the Boards
    Definitely seems like at first DDQ will prompt just about every 3* to be championed at least that first level to get the LT. After that... I guess the 4* covers will dictate. Maybe I'll have Prof ready to be championed himself while I try to gather Switch covers...

    Still seems like a generally slow way to progress, but I do like what I'm seeing so far... except where the scaling of boosts seems to be broken.
  • Cypr3ssCypr3ss Age Unconfirmed Posts: 155 Tile Toppler
    Tatercat wrote:
    I think the biggest factor is that the 1st reward for any 3* champion is a LT.

    I agree with the above, and so will be trying to champion as many of my 3*s as I can.

    To add to the growing list of 4* rewards at lvl 183 for championed 3*:

    GSBW -> Nick Fury
    Human Torch -> Thing
    Loki -> Venom
    Mystique -> Iceman

  • LeugenesmiffLeugenesmiff Age Unconfirmed Posts: 401 Mover and Shaker
    Besides being able to respec champions does each level raise their health and powers' ability numbers or do they just give rewards?
  • BlackSheep101BlackSheep101 Posts: 2,023 Chairperson of the Boards
    Health and ability damage/healing both increase. After Several levels, match damage goes up too.
  • XandorXerxesXandorXerxes Posts: 327 Mover and Shaker
    Deadpool -> XFDP
    Psylocke -> XFDP
    Black Panther -> Mr. Fantastic
    Blade -> Ghost Rider
    Cyclops -> Cyclops
    Loki -> Venom (!?)

    I can champion 4 more, just want to make sure I save iso for lots of skipping I'm going to be doing in the next 4 days.
  • Spencer75Spencer75 Posts: 232
    Champion any character you have maxed
  • snlf25snlf25 Posts: 947 Critical Contributor
    Champion every single 3* when you can. It's the only opportunity you will ever get to trade iso for LTs.
  • _Ryu__Ryu_ Age Unconfirmed Posts: 149
    Next big thing is to update all character threads with new data, speaking of new max "Champion lvl damage/defense for powers" and max "Champion tile damage".

    That would be interesting to see what a maxed champion is capable to do with his abilities. Generally I think the spreading of 3* champions will be MUCH faster then for 4* champions, so it will not take long till 3* champions will be on par with lvl 270 4*s.

    Will in the end a 3* Cyc champion do as much damage as lvl 270 Hulkbuster? That would be very interesting data!
  • alaethalaeth Posts: 446 Mover and Shaker
    I plan on champing all the max level 3s I have (7500 ISO + one cover for a LT is a great value!).

    The following I consider leveling past the initial LT for... reasons:
    * Hood - hps to make him less squishy
    * Luke - more hps, more damage, more of a deterrent
    * Fist - hps to make him less squishy - I still use him in PvP as a black battery for HBuster
    * Magneto - more hp, more damage.
    * Scarlet Witch - more hps to make this purple batter less squishy.

    Do I plan to invest ISO in leveling my covered but under-leveled 3*? Highly unlikely... I already have a Nick Fury cover rotting my my roster because I lack the ISO to level him to 270.
  • ErikPeterErikPeter Posts: 718 Critical Contributor
    If you're in the precarious position of "Do I champ 3 level 120 3-stars, or max one 4* so covers I get for them aren't wasted", deciding who to champ is a tough choice. If none of your 4* are close to maxed covered you're in a better spot.

    So yeah. Obviously Champ any maxed 166s/94s. Each subsequent cover you get will be worth ISO or token/cover rewards and there's no reason not to do that (the only ISO you don't get back is the initial investment.)

    If you think you'll have an ISO crunch and be forced sell most of the "extra" 3 star covers for your underleveled 3-stars (e.g. you have most 3* still sitting unleveled at 40-60), you probably want to pick two heroes to max/champ that will give you 4-star covers of someone you want at level 183.

    You could level Luke Cage and Bullseye, for example, knowing that when you end up getting 17 additional covers for those characters (and with the new reward structure, it's a lot easier to get multiple extras e.g. top 50 in pve is 3 Cap covers) you'll get the Kingpin at 183 for both of them. I'm sure the forums will have a list of who-gives-what completed soon, oh look, it's here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=37687
  • Marty17Marty17 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 503 Critical Contributor
    Same, I'm gonna Champion all star.pngstar.pngstar.png characters based upon which cover I'll receive (i.e. DDQ) plus I more or less can accumulate 7,500 iso8.png per day. Main goal is Champion all characters so I can go back & level my star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png
  • Black DukeBlack Duke Posts: 694 Critical Contributor
    Captain Marvel has The Thing as a Champion Award.
  • captainclownshoecaptainclownshoe Age Unconfirmed Posts: 7
    Dr. Doom = invisible woman
    Ragnarok = x23
    Rocket n groot = starlord
    Daken = x23
    Psylock = deadpool
    Gsbw = nick fury
    Human torch = thing
    Cyclops = cyclops
    Lazy thor = red hulk
    Hulk = totally awesome hulk
    Mystique = iceman

    Thats what i got so far : )

    i was trying to level up my silver surfer but the championing has sidetracked me : )

    I feel so starved for ISO...
  • ChuckBTYChuckBTY Age Unconfirmed Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Hey all, has anyone unlocked icon_daredevil.png yet? I have him and Doom sitting in my queue and I want to know what 4 star DD gives.
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 3,052 Chairperson of the Boards
    Matt gives Elektra.
  • greenglovegreenglove Posts: 105 Tile Toppler
    On my sandboxed account, I have levelled all my 3 Star champions to their full potential. I will be posting their stats in the next few days (I also have most of the 4 star and all of the 2 star finished as well).
  • ErikPeterErikPeter Posts: 718 Critical Contributor
    You can't champion all the characters, it's just too much ISO. But definitely you want to when you can, because of the Legendary Tokens at 167 and just free goodies from there on out. But if you try to max all the 3-stars, by the time you earn enough to do so you'll have a bunch of maxed four-stars who you haven't been leveling up and are forced to toss covers.

    My IW is level 170 and 13 covers. I've tossed 3 extra Blue covers in the past week since I know I am not going to get the 200K ISO before they expire. Which is crazy because that's a lot of "lucky" 4-star pulls, oh if only they were for anyone else..

    Anyways I would suggest championing who you can, but NOT everyone. It's just too iso heavy. I envy the guys who never levelled up and are sitting on a fat stack of ISO to choose exactly who they want to progress, but won't feel bad when they pop their LTs right afterward and then realize they are 250K short of Champing a 4-star with a couple covers waiting.
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