Help me delete

HalfestHalfest Age Unconfirmed Posts: 9
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Here I am with a 54/54 roster.
New slot now cost 700 imcoin.png and I just opened one that cost me 800 imcoin.png .
Im not there yet but im sure im gonna get a new cover and ill wonder which i should throw away.

Can you guys take a look at my roster and tell me which one I should consider to delete
Thx in advance

Edit: This morning i got 2 cover of 3 star.png Daken, so should i add him? And delete who?


  • simonsezsimonsez Posts: 4,663 Chairperson of the Boards
    Juggs is the only 1* you really need.
  • KasemausKasemaus Age Unconfirmed Posts: 10
    You can lose 1 star Widow, your IM will be good enough to solo the Deadpool Daily. If you are in desperate need of another roster spot, I'd suggest dropping invisible woman.
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