Nissa vs Fliers?

Hey guys,

I'm having a hard time coming up with a good strategy to fight strong flying creatures with Nissa. She's level 31 and I can't get close to beating "Priest of Blood Rite" in story mode unless I'm REALLY lucky with draws and cascades. He keeps summoning a 5/5 demon with his ability which becones nearly unstoppable once he's reinforced. I try to take him down with Aerial Volley and Skysnare Spider but most of the time my spider dies to Fetid Imp, Meteorite or something similar, leaving m wide open to attacks. Trying to deny his mana gain prolongs the match but the result is the same.

I don't have Mantle of Webs, unfortunately. That would probably help a big deal as I have a few big creatures to put it on. It's also not the first time that a deck with many flying creature has given me a hard time, so I thought I ask you for some hints. Nissa's complete lack of removal or debuffs really hurts. I have yet to beat him (don't have too much time to play) but I'm pretty confident that my level 3 Jace will be able to do so much easier than Nissa.


  • Yea without first strike or reach she will have a hard time. In actual MTG green has many reach/deathtouch creatures, and has creature destruction through things like Epic Confrontation which is green's primary way of creature control. Plus you can do actual mana ramp with elves and such and green also has a ton of big creatures, powerful enchantments, and comes into play effects, almost all of which are lost here. One of the reasons I mentioned green isn't that good is because it lost a lot of what it had in MTG.

    The easiest thing to do is get claustrophobia out and then deny his mana with Jace.
  • Would stacking a berserker or a defender with Angel's Tomb in play work? Gives +3/+3 and flying to a creature when cast until the start of your next turn.
  • That actually is a pretty good strategy, berserk is Nissa's primary way of creature control (I think her defenders are usually really terrible).

    However requires you to reinforce a creature.
  • I've beaten this particular fight with Jace. It was almost laughably easy by comparison.

    I still think Nissa needs more control options. Berserk is ok-ish but every attack that hits an opponent's creature doesn't hit his face. There's also not too many good berserk creatures in her deck, basically only the rhino (at least judging by the cards I have) and putting berserk on a creature via spell also doesn't do much again fliers since Nissa doesn't have any creature with fly either.
  • I can't remember if berserking a creature with reach allows it to attack flyers.

    If not, i think in this context of MtGPQ it should.
  • I almost got him till he gained a lot of mana from a mega cascade and then he summon his creature and the help of support cards that gave it attack its over. I'm using Chandra and I don't know if I will ever beat him.

    Any help?
  • I've beaten him with Jace, Gideon and Chandra very easily. nissa just needs to use that uncommon 4/4 flyer artifact and supports. Easy breezy
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    Nissa can use Foundry of the Consuls to make some fliers herself, but that's no use at all for blocking opposing fliers unless you can give them vigilance or defender, and I haven't seen any colourless support that'll do either of those.

    Nor have I seen any of Aerial Volley, Skysnare Spider or Mantle of Webs. I was thinking how absurd it is that black gets all the reach and green has none. Seems like I've just had weird luck from packs... I've got at least six mythics including three in green, but somehow never got any of the three cards you mention.
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    I think you really want to attack this challenge with Jace. Jace can bounce the demons, possibly berserk some fliers, possibly disable the demons, possibly turn them into frogs, reduce their power, and so forth. A weak Jace would be preferable to a strong Nissa on this particular challenge.
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