Help - Taking 4*'s above lvl 200

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A primarily PVE player needs some Roster advice:

With the help of the Legendary Tokens, I'm starting to get a good 4 * roster built, albeit slowly. The only ones with full 13 covers is XWolverine and Invisible Woman, who's I've kept below 200 since IW is limited in use and I'm afraid if I max XFW, he'll be left alone against 270+ lvl scaled opponents. I've been keeping other 4*'s I've got below that mark as well. My plan has been to work toward 5-6 four star characters with 12 or 13 covers each, then gradually level them as a group above lvl 200. (get everyone to 210, then 220, etc)

So my question is, is this a sound strategy? Or should I be pushing one at time to 270? I realize if I was a PVP focused player, 1 or 2 maxed would be might be the way to go, but thought I'd asked the forum to see if I was on the right path or heading toward a fall. If it helps, here's my 4*'s (plus the two 5*'s I don't use yet, in case their roster presence plays a part):

Benched 5*'s
Surfer 260 0/1/2
Phoenix 250 0/1/0

4* Group I want to take above 200, when covered enough:
XFW 200 3/5/5
HulkBuster IM 200 5/4/1
Jean Grey 200 4/2/4
Kingpin 188 2/4/3
Red Hulk 188 2/4/3
Iceman 135 4/1/1
(Alt choice: Prox X if I ever get more than 4 covers)

Other decent covered 4*'s:
Devil Dino 188 4/3/4
Elektra 188 2/3/4
IW 186 5/5/3
Starlord 5/3/2
Fury 172 1/4/3
Antman 168 4/2/2
Thoress 168 4/2/2
Falcap 152 5/0/1
X Deadpool 147 3/0/3

I have all the other 4*'s to date now, but they're 4 covers or under each.

Thanks for any advice you may have.


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    I'm in the same situation but my 13 covered 4*s are IMHB (optimal) and fisk (3/5/5). Therefore I'm dumping iso into IMHB for pvp. Had him at 200 and didn't really notice any scaling changes in pve. Took him to 220 and I did noticed the simulator hard nodes starting levels were slightly higher at ~240 instead of ~200. I've pushed him up to 230 now so we'll see what affects that has when venom bomb reruns.

    The rest of my 4*s are ranging from level 120-170.

    I've been told scaling is based of your top three characters. Since you only have 2 5*s, I guess whoever you push as your third may have more effect then me (3 5*s).
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