Color of support gems

I'm colorblind which may be why I can't see what color the support gems have. I can't determine if they are green, red or whatever.

Anyone else has difficulty with this?


  • Nightglider1Nightglider1 Posts: 605 Critical Contributor
    Yep. I have a form of colorblindness, and I can only match support gems through blind luck.
  • Wow there are a lot of us out there! I just posted about this issue the other day, and I think that the symbol change on the gem is what does it in. The shine wouldn't be so bad if you could still identify that it was a plains, etc.
  • DrDoMeDrDoMe Posts: 94 Match Maker
    I'm not colorblind, but I find them hard to differentiate too.
  • renfoxrenfox Posts: 31 Just Dropped In
    It would definitely be nice if there was a colerblind checkbox like I've seen in settings of other match three games. You should also be able to click on support gems and see what they are and who benefits from them.
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