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I'm fairly new to the game, and I was just shown Polarity's guide. I think its fantastic, and he deserves many kudos for it. That said, I'm building my 2* roster according to the guide.

My question is: is Ares/Thor/OBW still a good PvP defensive team? I have Thor maxed, Ares covered and on his way, and OBW almost covered. When I find a team w that combo, I usually beat them w Thor, C Storm (maxed), and OBW (or Blade sometimes). Did they nerf someone or make any gameplay changes that might have changed this team's viability?


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    Obviously my opinion only, but to me Ares/Thor are duplicative. They share the same colors and basically do the same thing. If I had to pick one I'd probably use Ares since you can throttle his green for the situation. At the 2* level in PVP, Bullseye and his damn protect tiles are super annoying--not that he's hard for other 2* rosters to beat, but you know it's going to take a while until his protect tiles are gone. Ares, OBW and Bullseye give you a nice rainbow and would be annoying for another 2* roster to face. Slow, grind it out match. Blech!
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    At the 2* level you won't get that far in PvP anyway but I'd have to agree with previous poster that Thor and Ares shouldn't really be on the same team due to both needing the same colours.

    For a long time I got by at 2* level (not that long ago) with MnMags/Cstorm/Thor combo but OBW/Thor/CStorm is a good combo, really you need that 5 turn stun of storms to get by at the 2* level in Pvp so I would definitely include her MnMags once covered properly will accelerate her and make it easier to get that stun going.

    Edit: Also don't focus too much on defense, it doesn't matter much in the early stages as high level players won't attack you anyway. Think about getting the max number of points in min time, hit 400 points if you can then accept that as your limit.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. To be clear, I was speaking strictly defensively. I'm levelling / covering MN Magneto and Modern Hawkeye to compliment Storm as an offensive team. I think the AI wouldn't handle them well. Any thoughts?
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    BennettR wrote:
    Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. To be clear, I was speaking strictly defensively. I'm levelling / covering MN Magneto and Modern Hawkeye to compliment Storm as an offensive team. I think the AI wouldn't handle them well. Any thoughts?

    It's been a while since I've done 2*'s for anything but the DDQ, but I can see the value of the Ares/Thor combo defensively. Yes, they compete for the same colors, but that just means if the attacking team downs one of them, then that built up AP pool doesn't go to waste. One of them is going to fire off those damaging attacks no mater which way it goes. Wasting AP is a problem with an AI controlled "rainbow" team, as it spends too much time chasing everything, and usually one teammate is down before it does, thus negating that player's accumulated colors. Plus Thor and Ares are health tanks (for the 2* range that is) so it's going to be a while for an relatively equal attacker to down them, especially with OBW in the mix. It has does have a "threat" deterrence factor, at least until a 3* or more team comes by, but your points likely won't be attractive to them at this point.

    You're right on the MnMags/MHawk/CStorm team, with AI, it's likely Hawkeye will fire off his blue before Storm's. That's a good team, but it needs player coordination to make it work, hence your using them as offensive team.

    Again, I haven't played with 2*'s in a while (Ares hadn't been introduced until I was starting my 3* build), so pick a PVP event a try them out. Set some low expectations so you're not disappointed if it doesn't work out and see how they do. I wouldn't join immediately to a starting event though, everyone will attack you then. Join one halfway so the big hitters have already flown over.
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    Ares/daken carried me through my 2* time, and that was before he had his blue even available.
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    I leaned on ares/obw/daken during my 2* time. I've since replaced daken with storm (offence>defense) for ddq 2* node. overall, damage/ap is higher with ares than thor. and ares green is very efficient and his drawbacks (giving green ap/self damage) are pretty manageable. ares/obw are a the best defensive pvp pair to me. offensively magstorm might be more efficient.
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    Like many others giving advice here , I am a long ways past using 2* regularly, so take this fwiw.

    For 2-character 2* PvP teams, go with ares/obw. They offer the best mix of color coverage and dangerous, flammable abilities.

    For 3-character 2* PvP teams, add daken to the area/obw combo. Taken provides strike tiles whicl one can use to double dip. And his blue is a nice, fast damage dealing power to complement ares' green. Hard to beat that team without taking 1 or 2k damage minimum (though deep 3* and 4* rosters will still steam roll any 2* opponent without trouble and won't care about a few thousand damage)
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    Well, given that OBW plus Ares or Thor gives you rainbow why does it matter if Ares and Thor have color overlap? Whomever the third is will have color overlap somewhere. I would rather add a special tile generator like awolv or daken but with the high health of thor that's not a bad option at all.
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    As a 2* player whenever you have a good Green user (Thor, Ares, Wolverine), always include Daken. He will save you healthpacks and time! Add in OBW as her Black skill double dips on the strike tiles. Thor/Ares/Wolv with Daken and OBW are always a solid team and can help you beat the Big Enchilada in DDQ too.

    MNMags, CStorm, and MHawk are great for offensive, especially PVE but they aren't such a threat in PVP. I always attack those teams and the only times I have rarely lost is because a cascades created a 5-match for Hawkeye but that team is always a target.

    Always use a Defensive team that you hate fighting yourself icon_e_biggrin.gif
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