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So I could use some advice about Legendary Tokens and whether to continue to bank them as I have currently been doing or to open them. I have a decent 3* roster (you can look at my signature line for it) but there are at least a handful more 3* characters that I want to max out including at a minimum icon_blackwidow.pngicon_caroldanvers.pngicon_ironfist.pngicon_magneto.png and a few characters I am still waiting on a cover or two to optimize that are currently maxed out. My 4* roster is weak in both number of characters and covers for those characters I do have. I play both PvE and PvP and will tend to focus on one for a month and then the other to change things up, right now I am focusing on PvE for example. I just got my Devil Dinosaur day 365-367 tokens for reference btw and I am in a casual alliance.

Here is where I need some advice. I have legendary tokens/command points stored up but I haven't used them (about 6-8 tokens I think?). I haven't opened them due to the issues I have read and seen on the forums about 5* throwing some scaling off, especially in PvE. I know my chances are slim of getting a 5* but if I do, I am not going to ditch it. To not be put in this quandary, I have just banked the tokens/points. On the other hand, I could use more 4* tokens in general, especially to get 4* characters for essentials for example. Any advice or personal experience would be helpful, thank you in advance!


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    personally I wouldn't want any weaker of a roster than I had when I added two 5*s to my roster. at that time I had basically 9 maxed 3*s and was leveling a 4* (hb). if you have a robust 3* squad, it could make things more difficult, but won't kill you. anything less than that and you might resent the 5*. I'm currently hoarding tokens until they come out with this 'new feature' that supposedly will help with duplicate covers, but its all speculation at this point. since you said you still have fist and mags to max, I might hold off and finish those key characters like that so I had all the best 3* tools to deal with any increase in scaling. otherwise, your roster looks stout enough to handle them.

    note: if you regularly compete for t10 in pve and t20 in releases, I'd hold off for quite some time. if all you want is the LT and t100 or t50 in 4* releases, go for it.
  • I'm in a similar position, although with a little bit weaker roster (only ~6 maxed 3*s and most of the best ones still 8-10 covers). I started opening the LTs to build my 4* roster for PvE essentials, and have pulled 4 5* covers so far (3 SS and 1 OML). This was my experience:

    1st 5* rostered: Destroyed all hope of PvP. Made PvE harder, but still OK most of the time. Possible to target t50 or once in a blue moon t10.

    2nd 5* rostered: PvP still destroyed, PvE became impossible to grind due to health-pack drain. I can still beat most nodes, and so sweep every 8 or so and get the LT progression and t100, but any thoughts of t10 are gone forever.

    When I say "PvP destroyed" I mean skipping 20-30 times each fight to try and find anything other than maxed 4*, max boosted 3*, or a mix. If you have a potent enough 3* team to take down fistbuster starting from ~500 pts on, then you might still be OK. Since rostering the 5*s, I'm stuck joining late and climbing to about 500 pts and hoping to shield out for t100 cover. I hope that once I get the better PvP 3*s maxed, I'll do better but for now I can't compete.
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