4* level advice.

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Just recently max covered some 4*. I'm wondering what is a good level to increase them to in order to compete in pvp?
Also, who to level next? Currently putting iso into jg (5/3/5) at 190 now. Also have xfw covered, kp is just missing one black, 4 Thor is 4/4/4. I also have Elektra covered, but not going there. If I could ever pull black carnage, I'd level him, but he's 5/0/5 for the foreseeable future. Any advice is welcome.


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    I started using mine at ~220, then worked them to 240 and just recently hit 250 with jean and hb. will be stopping there to broaden out my 4* roster - have a huge group at 145 for ddq but a few are finished or close to it and are ready to be bumped up some.
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