New scaling issues

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So I'm trying to figure out these new scaling nodes. The way I'm understanding it is if you don't have your 3* maxed and your 4* beefed up and you are"lucky" enough to pull a 5* from a legendary token. Then I should just sell the 5* because my nodes will get impossible hard from that point of I roster the 5*. Am I wrong in this?


  • smkspysmkspy Posts: 2,024 Chairperson of the Boards
    If you're primarily pvp, yes. PvE not so much, I've been able to manage full progression in several pves with 2 5 stars and my top character is a 3 star 140 hulk. Is it tough, definitely, but manageable.
  • TatercatTatercat Age Unconfirmed Posts: 930 Critical Contributor
    It definitely seems to effect PVP over PVE. Before I had my two Surfer covers, I was able to get to around 700pts before I started hitting the Jean/Buster wall of 4* teams, without much retaliation. Now that they show up around 300-500 pts and I get retaliations out the wazoo, despite never actually using Surfer. It's not made the actual fights harder I don't think, I just seem to be showing up on the radar of a higher level of play than before. Though it also could just be because more 4*'s are available then before.

    PVE seems a bit higher with the lvl of enemies, but still manageable if you're got the boosted characters for that week.
  • Honestly, I even liked the 5 * on the scale. There were people with rooster 99 for all 3 * and was very difficult to compete with them in pve grinding. While you took five minutes to hit a node she took probably 2-3 it because their opponents had much less blood.
  • Odds are definitely stacked against you when you get even 2*'s maxed, let alone have 4&5*'s on your roster. Kills the fun. Very unequal selection of competition. icon_redface.gif
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