Best Roster Spots to Focus for 1000 PVP?

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Hi Guys,

I want to focus on fleshing out my 4stars through 1000 points in PVP but I'm not certain what my best duo would be to accomplish this. I'm newer so I have zero max'd characters.

Here are my notables:

Iceman (missing blue)
Hulkbuster (missing black)
Wolverine (missing yellow)

Witch (missing green)
KK (missing purple)

I'm willing to invest some $$ to cover out any of the above characters if there's a clear duo that can carry to 1000 points. I don't care to shield to keep that score... I just want the covers for now to build out my other characters.

Right now I run DP and Cyclops in a duo, Witch when I can include a third and I swap in a hood here and there.

I feel like I can upgrade running DP/Kingpin or maybe even DP/4Wolverine.

What should I do? I don't have the ISO to level 15 characters yet... I need to focus my attention to a small small number. Can Deadpool Kingpin carry me? Should I do Iceman despite missing blue or HB missing black?

Any help is appreciated icon_e_smile.gif


  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'll disagree with ojsp. I have 2 leveled 4*s for pvp purposes and over time hitting 1K consistently will do more for your 4* roster than being able to grind pve. I've gladly traded pve difficulty for pvp performance. kp and xpool are both solid characters. kp works well with many but doesn't have a perfect partner that I know of. xpools 'perfect' partner is xfw. purple into black works great but they aren't a prominent team in the 'meta' game at the top - neither have a ton of health, but both can heal if you get the right ap (xpool's is pretty expensive). I'd say if you can swing a high level hb and iceman, that is very strong and will serve you well. hb is great because of the prevalence of all the purple/green users out there (jean, ice, rulk, x23, and in the 3* land, fist, witch, kk, and to a lesser extent, gsbw) pair him with any of those 4*s or boosted 3*s and it is a strong team. also, unboosted fist with hb can work without another 4*, but that can burn through some health packs (constantly firing hb black).

    back to ojsp's post - yes you'll be bumped up to a higher mmr, but with the right pair, you'll be able to beat the other 4* teams. my hb and jean can take on dang near anything.
  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    I was speaking from a long-term angle - hb and ice are excellent long-term goals. I see where you're coming from ojsp - op said he had no characters maxed.

    op - it almost sounds like you might be trying to skip the 3* level - that is not advisable at all if that is something you're considering. having a good stable of top 3*s is crucial to long-term success. even in pvp. hit 1300 using only 2 shields in Cyclops and the only 4* I used in the home stretch was jean. her Cyclops and hood made easy work of things, even 5*s in the 300s. if you end up with 2X270 and the rest 130-140 level, that would be a miserable experience in pve especially when you pulled your first (and then second) 5*. I think you should probably fill out your 3*s before you focus on 4*s but having a couple of 4*s at 200 or so won't hurt scaling that much, but if you start pulling LTs, 5*s at 255 will affect scaling more.

    FYI - posting your roster really helps those you're trying to get advice from. there are a couple of options for that, or you could just post the key parts in your post.

    hope this helps - good luck.
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    In 3* land I will second the vote by OJSP with Cyclops, Iron Fist, Scarlet Witch and Luke Cage. I've hit 1K in the past two PVP events with a maxed Iron Fist and Scarlet Witch. Those two alone have taken me from fearing FistBuster teams on PVP to just respecting their power.

    That core team of 4 can just destroy in PVE events as well.
  • mikepromikepro Age Unconfirmed Posts: 95 Match Maker
    Hey Op. If you have been playing the game for about a month or so now don't invest in 4*s yet. I've been playing for just over 240 days and yes i have about 10 4* but most have 3 or 4 covers. U gave recently just been able to come close to 1k pvp scores. Don't put money into covers put the cash into hp and shield hop if you gave to.

    Plus it might be vest to look to join an alliance who can help you out in the long run. I ran solo for 2 months then I joined an alliance. With the help of them I feel like my roster has gotten a lot better and the 4*s will come sooner rather then later.

    My maxed ones so far are
    Canny cyclops
    Cap steve rogers

    Plus I have more then 10 fully covered not optimal build but fully covered at 13/13. And many others near fully covered.

    Work your 3* up first then 4* will come to ya in no time.
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