About to make the jump to 166... - but with whom?

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Hello All,

I am on day 342 and, having taken it slowly, have built up a nice 3* roster that I have kept at Level 120/140.
Recently, I mistapped and accidentally opened my only Legendary Token (lucky win from 4* DDQ with my one cover ProfX). I experienced the mix of dread and joy when I saw that I pulled a Phoenix, knowing that it would significantly affect my scaling if^b^b when I roster her.
I am currently biding my time, hoping against all odds that D3 will sort out the scaling mess within the next 10 days (yeah, good luck with that icon_lol.gificon_rolleyes.gif ).
The more realistic part of me says that now may be the time to jump into the deep end and level a couple of characters to 166.

I currently have enough Iso to bring 10 Characters from 140 to 166, and I would be happy for any recommendations
a) whether my thinking is sound and I may as well do this, and
b) which ones to cap

Here's a link to my current roster: http://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/Platzy/

My thoughts - feel free to comment, suggest and criticize:
Cyclops, Cage, Kamala and Thor are no-brainers. I was also thinking of Daken, Cmags, Fist and Cap.
Cyclops, Kamala and CMags or Daken are currently my A-Team, but I like having the flexibility of using boosted characters as they come.
Who else? Doom and Blade? Patch and Hulk? anyone I forgot? Anyone on the list above that I should keep at 140 for the time being?

I am happy to hear your thoughts.


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    you're on the right track. I would shoot for a core of: fist, Cyclops, cage, panther, cmags, witch, cap, kk, thor. those you have spec'ed like you want out of those, max. those that aren't spec'ed perfect, but still would probably be useful (steve, witch), I'd still consider those too. panther might need some more covers before i put iso into him. past that group its kind of a matter of taste. I've added daken and hulk. I somewhat regret adding daken because he just doesn't get used that much, but hes a great healing tank, but is squishy so never gets used unless boosted. I also added hulk (during galactus) as a green battery - I've used him more than daken. others I may consider in the future would be blade, doom, torch, and when you finish covering, maybe grocket. i use gsbw a lot (mainly pve and with witch), but i still have her at 140 (although she's about 4th on my iso projects list behind hb, jean, and kk).
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    If you bring them up to 166 the Pheonix will not **** your scaling - you will be able to add her. Have in mind that boosted 3* are higher than 250 in PVE. Just make sure you don't level her before you have some decent covers.

    Don't waste iso on your 4* yet - they are way behind the transition (maybe improve xforce along with the rest of the roster - he can be useful sometimes at 2-2-2 but not that much).

    2* Wolverine is a bit of wasted space - you can get some iso there (and a roster spot).

    In terms of who to level? Deadpool (already decent with 4-4-1 - soon you should have 5-5-x and then he is great); Rocket (good for sustainability with 5 yellow).

    As for maxing to 166. Cage and Cyclops are number one A /one B. With KK and Iron Fist (you need one more Purple but still) coming just behind them. After that Thor, Patch, Hulk (P and H as a combo so they should stay the same level or Hulk higher), maybe Scarlet (but you don't have great combo for her... still her with KK and/or GSBW can do some interesting things).
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    Magic wrote:
    2* Wolverine is a bit of wasted space - you can get some iso there (and a roster spot).

    Oh, thanks for catching that: I had actually kicked him (with a heavy heart) already a few weeks ago to make space for another character and forgot to update the roster accordingly. Next on the "emergency eject seat" are 2*Thor, 2*Mags and 1*Spidey, if I happen to need a roster spot right now.

    As I am mostly F2P, I don't have the HP to buy covers, so I take the characters as I get them (and count myself extremely lucky to have been able to cover quite a few top 3*s in the way I want to). There are still a few covers I need to cover some characters optimally (e.g. Fist purple, Cap red, Patch yellow), but they are already quite serviceable.

    I am aware that all my 4*s are far from usable, and with me normally not being in the mood to grind for an LT or spending HP on shields in PvP, it will be a while before I reach a stage where I can progress much further. Unless the rumoured easing of the 4* transition hits anytime soon... icon_rolleyes.gif

    Thanks for the advice so far. Good to see that I am on the right track. I will give it a few more days before I take the plunge and see if any interesting covers come in by then.
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    I am free to play as well (i did pay a 20$ over a year ago but it's a drop in the HP needed in this game) and I don't really have much of an issue with slots. I just can't afford covers with HP but slots - yes.

    How? Well - I play for HP when I can. In PVE that is my key goal (now it's LT maybe) to get all the HP from progression. I play PVP with the same in mind (so I climb as far as I can having in mind that HP are key awards, next to 1k award).

    What I don't do? I don't spend HP on anything else but slots (no Health packs for me) and occasional shield. But I don't shield hop - i only use 3h and maybe sometimes 8h one to hit 1k and protect the score (if I can - I try to avoid even that). That way I remain HP+ with the events.

    One key aspect - don't waste space on 1 and 2 stars. As I said - among 1* only Juggs is needed. Among 2* - only the team you use to beat both nods in DDQ.
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