Buff or Dump: Roster Advice 2*-3* transitioning

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I have a good core of 2* characters and am working on my 3* characters, things had been going pretty good until I recently must have been bumped up to a higher bracket, because now I'm having a hard time. The enemy levels in both PVP and PVE ramp up quickly and have a hard time fielding teams with higher levels than the enemy even with powered-up people.

I have a few questions on specific characters to help trim my roster and/or add more useful people:
1. Should I recruit 2* Bullseye and 3* Quicksilver?
2. Should I dump 3* She-Hulk, 3* Doc Oc and 3* Falcon - I think Falcon could be useful, but the lack of covers to power him up so far has him sitting doing nothing.
3. It seems stupid to get rid of ANY 4* character right? But I have quite a few sitting in my roster again going unused because I have only have 1 or 2 covers. With the high cost of adding roster spots(750HP) it makes me wonder though...

Here's link to my full roster if anyone cares to take a look http://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/jaydub36/

Appreciate any advice, thanks.


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    You are deep in the 3* transition. That means you can dump all 1* not named Juggernaut (he is more than enough in the DDQ when lvl 40). So you get 2 slots there.

    In terms of 2* - when you transition to 3* land the only one you will really use is OBW (why is she not maxed? she is a beast in transition but the best build is 3-5-5 as 3 purple is enough and super quick, with more it is slow and not as efficient), Ares, Thor (I would go for 3-5-5) and Storm. The others are useful only for the essentials in PVE but you can keep one cover of each in the queue and recruit when needed. I am not saying sell Moonstone today but be ready to sell her.

    If you have OBW, Thor, Ares and 2* Storm maxed don't waste ISO on any other 2* - you will need it for the 3* (not to mention 4*). Remember to soft cap your 4* to the level of 3* toons until you have them well covered. I would also suggest using 3* at lvl 94 for some time. Should help with the scaling in PVP and PVE. You could bring 3* Torch to that level and he should give good damage (lacks a bit of red but green and black are still ok). Same story with Cage and Patch. But most of all - I would advise on bringing the 4 mentioned 2* to level 94. This should help in PVP and DDQ.

    As for the reason you've got into the stronger bracket - you are probably using you X-force too much. While building 3* and 4* to playable level you would do better using maxed 2* toons.
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    Thanks, Magic and OJSP. I forgot to update the levels on my roster, sorry about that since that makes a big difference. Everyone is at their max level allowed, I updated them on the site.

    Based on what you've said I may have already screwed myself by keeping my 3* at their max level? I have a stockpile of ISO so I'm always able to max level in one shot when I get a new cover. I think you're right that it's time to part with 1* Iron Man and Venom, I don't know that I can part with any 2*'s just yet.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Jwhitmire36Jwhitmire36 Posts: 52 Match Maker
    Cyclops is definitely one I want more covers for, he's already a workhorse for me. I've had some success pairing Patch and Loki, and I've failed miserably too, a couple more covers for Loki I think will help.

    I had to give up on the Gauntlet in sub 2 Alpine, was grinding against all level 130's then about 2/3 through jumped to all 150's. I only have 2 guys above 150(after power up) and one is 3* Deadpool 2/0/0 and is fairly useless at that level. Oscorp event shouldn't be a problem though(I hope).

    Thanks for the solid advice.

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    Get used to fighting enemies above your characters' level. That doesn't go away. At least at level 150, 3* and 4* enemies aren't 5/5/5 yet.
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