Prof x and who else?

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I just got my fifth prof x blue cover, anxious to use in a team but i dont have GSBW.

Ideas on how to use him?


  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    witch would be best at making crits. fist would be ok too, although less crits than witch generally. then you have to consider what color you want to tank as the strongest color. even if more covers come in, I'd cap px at 220, so a 166 can take the strongest color instead of px tanking blue as the strongest. if you go witch, then you need to fill out the colors and decide how you want to arrange your strongest color, since every crit will bring in 4ap of that color. if witch tanks, you'd end up with bringing in extra purple on top of what she produces, which she could use. or if you put someone like 4thor or Cyclops or torch (3* has to be in front of witch for this), crits would make red every time. this is why gsbw works so well because you can start stringing together her purple powers one behind the other and it is self sustaining.
  • MalcrofMalcrof GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 5,971 Chairperson of the Boards
    Lthor, KK, IF, anyone who can spam colors can make crits.

    Need a touch more info though, are you looking for PVE or PVP? Do you want a 4* team, or a mix?
  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    dang, forgot kk. if tanking kk would make yellow strongest color, but could be put behind witch and that would work nearly as well as gsbw - that trio would be really good. if tanking thor would make red strongest color - not terribly useful, but probably a decent third if you wanted a separate damage dealer.
  • MagicMagic Posts: 1,199 Chairperson of the Boards
    I was using KK with Switch for a while. GSBW is better as she can create more directed crits but KK is good enough for a lot of occasions.
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