Getting into 3*s

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I finally have some 3* characters up to the point where they're comparable to my 2*s. What 3* teams should I start focusing on? Integrating 3* Thor in place of my 2* Thor in my go-to team of Thor/OBW/MN Mags is an obvious choice, but what other team options should I start considering/focusing on?

My roster link should be up to date as of this morning.



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    im in the same position, more or less - grocket is fully (but not optimally) covered, hulk is getting there, and slowly but surely other characters follow.

    have you seen this thread?
    that last part is of interest, it lists the top 3* characters. i assume you have some of them, so you can take some toons from that list, combine that with your other good covered ones and start playing around and get a feeling for your new teams
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