deadpool daily



  • Ouroboros9999Ouroboros9999 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 139 Tile Toppler
    Deadpool daily has been the biggest factor in improving my roster. I (still) always use 2Thor in middle, MNmags left and 2storm right. All at level 94.

    The trick is to build up enough blue and purple so that you can sail past "boss" levels 2 and 4. When you have he last goon on the ropes, kill them with a power...I like either storm green or mags red to gain ap while doing damage.

    Then storm blue the strongest two characters. Mags purple the third, use that blue(hopefully to make a 5 match) and stun the third. Then build up ap and use powers for colors close to 30. If you do it right, you can get close to no damage even with only 2 stars.
  • StarsaberStarsaber Posts: 206
    I use MN Magneto, OBW, and 2* Thor for Enchilada. I use Magneto's purple to feed OBW's blue to manage countdowns and heal during waves 1 and 3 while building up red/yellow/green for Thor to go to town on waves 2-4 (though I occasionally use some during wave 3 if I have them up to 30 AP).
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