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I have a question for you all about building out 4* toons. While I've been finishing work on my 3* roster, I would sell covers for toons that didn't meet the build I wanted even if the character wasn't maxed.

For example, I sold a couple deadpool black covers since he was already at 3. I figured any ISO was better for something that would eventually be worthless when I downgraded the covers for the other covers as I got them.

Is it crazy to apply the same to my 4* or is it just more important to hit the max cover limit ASAP? I'm just now starting to get a 4* toons with enough covers to actually make it a situation I need to think about. I just got my 3rd blueflag.pngicon_jeangrey.png cover. So my thought is if I get another one I would sell it for the ISO instead of leveling up blue to just de-level it later.

Any comments/advice would be appreciated.


  • BlackSheep101BlackSheep101 Posts: 2,023 Chairperson of the Boards
    I always prefer to be able to level up my heroes, and take my covers as they come. You can respec later when you get the covers you need, and in the long run the 500 or 1000 iso you get for selling them is miniscule compared to the extra utility you get from having the character at max level sooner.
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    while that works for 3*s because the wait to finish a 3* that's close is so much shorter than a 4*. it could be a long time before you get enough green/purple that you'd need to respec. i gladly put 4th blue on hb taking him to 5/3/4. no telling how long it will take me to get 2 more black. in the meantime, my blue is doing just a little more for me. after playing against a 5/5/5 jean in pve, 5 blue can be very, very strong.
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    Use it. The extra levels can work as a scarecrow.
  • madokmadok Age Unconfirmed Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I was definitely leaning that way after seeing how slowly covers can come.

    The scarecrow idea is very valid. I tend to skip fully leveled 4* fights when doing PVP.
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